Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan: Pawikan Hostel

Featured Image Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page

Our home during our 5-day trip in El Nido was the Pawikan Hostel.

We were booked in a dorm room which was perfect for four persons. The room has two (2) bunk beds, private bath and toilet and air conditioning unit.

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Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan

Booked almost a year ahead, I flew in to the most beautiful island in the world with few to zero expectations. And I think that’s what made this trip even more spectacular.

Our 5-day trip to El Nido, with a side trip to Puerto Princesa, was such an amazing experience. I am honestly lost for words the moment my eyes met the island of El Nido. And we haven’t even gone to the best ones yet.

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2016 Recap: It’s a wrap!

Before the year ends, let’s go back to all the places I’ve been to for the year that has been. I may not have been able to finish all entries yet (or might decided not to write one for [a] certain trip/s), but here’s where my trusty flip flops and I has gone about.

PS: Okay. My flipflops didn’t actually go with me to every trip, but yeah. You get the point. Haha.

PPS: Credits to Adrianne Uy for my artsy header image! โค

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Hiking 101: Buntot Palos Falls, Pangil, Laguna

What’s the best way to jumpstart your new year’s resolution of trying new things? Go hiking.

For someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and has been in an on-and-off relationship with workouts and similar activities, even a beginner’s hike can seem like a 9/9 difficulty level already. But since the enthusiasm is there, my friends and I went to Pangil, Laguna to get our adrenaline fix. Continue reading “Hiking 101: Buntot Palos Falls, Pangil, Laguna”

Baguio City: Camp John Hay’s Historical Core

CJH has been a famous destination in Baguio, but, how much do you actually know about it’s history? Fret not. I didn’t know a thing either, aside from the mini golf course and the tree top adventure.

A little history tour about a place you’re traveling to doesn’t hurt. While not everyone is a fan of history, I guess CJH’s Historical Core would still interest you. Continue reading “Baguio City: Camp John Hay’s Historical Core”

Baguio City: Where to go?

If you’re a first timer in the City of Pines or just didn’t have the chance to roam around, here’s a list of places you may choose to check out during your trip. From the basics to the new ones for a maximum adventure.

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Baguio City: Where to stay?

During my previous trips to Baguio, which most are retreat trips, we stayed at the Teacher’s Camp and the Girl Scouts of the Philippines since we always go in big groups. My two recent trips, however, gave me the chance to try new places to stay.

Accommodations in Baguio vary from backpacker style inns to the most comfortable 5-star hotels. Being the Summer Capital of the Philippines, accommodation has got to be almost always available for guests. Continue reading “Baguio City: Where to stay?”

Baguio City: Where to eat?

One cannot travel without eating. It’s just a fact. Haha.

(Arranged in no particular order.)

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Baguio City: The Basics

I have been in the City of Pines for numerous times, most of which were due to church retreats and the remaining few were family trips. However, none of these trips gave me the luxury to go around this beautiful city and discover more of its offerings.

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Ilocos 2015: 3 of 3

Our last day in Ilocos was not left empty handed as we were still brought to some places for sightseeing and shopping.

We had a quick stop at the famous Laoag Sinking Bell, the bell tower of the St. Augustine Cathedral. The bell tower is situated just in the middle of Laoag city. Continue reading “Ilocos 2015: 3 of 3”