Serenitea ♥

Yesterday, my bestfriends and I went to ATC for a chill. While waiting for them to arrive, I walked around and window shopped. Since my mood was clouding and bad vibes are really crawling down my nerves, I decided to get a drink to cool my hot head and literal high-temperatured body. Continue reading “Serenitea ♥”


Two thumbs up!

On my previous entry I was able to mention when my girlfriends and I paid Newport City a visit. Now I’m gon’ tell you a little elaborated version of how our visit went.

So last Sunday (August 14, 2011), four of us went to Newport City for the first time. We went around and saw the place for ourselves. Bunch of fine dining restaurants and steakhouses with [for sure] succulent delicacies can be found in Newport mall.  Continue reading “Two thumbs up!”

UCA @ 15: A Vision of Hope

United Christian Academy celebrated its 15th founding anniversary yesterday, August 5th of our Lord’s year. For 15 years now, the school has been faithful in giving their students the quality education that they pledged to do so. In addition to this, their quest of bringing their students and their families in serving the Lord and having them see and experience the true beauty of living a life in the Lord has flourished year after year. Continue reading “UCA @ 15: A Vision of Hope”

Alejandrina: A Blessing, an Inspiration.

Yesterday while I was surfing the net, I saw this post going around Tumblr. It was a blog entry from a girl named Alejandrina, a 16 year old Junior high student. Her post is very simple yet very very much inspiring. She didn’t use any highfalutin words to make her blog post sound convincing nor did she exaggerate any detail of it. Continue reading “Alejandrina: A Blessing, an Inspiration.”

What Dreams May Come

This movie was released few years back, I think, but it is one of those films that were based on love, life and faith. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it is a story of two lovers who fought for their love even in the afterlife. Every love story, whether fictional or in reality, has to start with something worth remembering, theirs started with their boats bumping at each other. Continue reading “What Dreams May Come”