Video: Kyoto & Nara Tour

Kyoto and Nara are two of the most popular prefectures visited in the Kansai region aside from Osaka. Join us as we visit some popular places in these two prefectures!

Places visited:

Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Shrine, Yasaka Pagoda, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Nara: Todai-ji Temple

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VLOG: Day 2 in Japan!

Here’s my second vlog featuring our tour in Osaka Castle, Dotonbori and a little bit of Shinsaibashi.

Less awkwardness but here you go people!

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VLOG: First Ever – Japan Edition!

Soooo… Very few people know that I’ve been dreaming of trying to vlog for years now. Problem is, even though I am very talkative in real life, I tend to freeze when I’m already in front of the camera. Haha!

Last month, however, I managed to have the guts and suck all the shyness up and tried vlogging. Here’s the first ever vlog I made during our flight to Japan!

Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan: Pawikan Hostel

Featured Image Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page

Our home during our 5-day trip in El Nido was the Pawikan Hostel.

We were booked in a dorm room which was perfect for four persons. The room has two (2) bunk beds, private bath and toilet and air conditioning unit.

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Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan

Booked almost a year ahead, I flew in to the most beautiful island in the world with few to zero expectations. And I think that’s what made this trip even more spectacular.

Our 5-day trip to El Nido, with a side trip to Puerto Princesa, was such an amazing experience. I am honestly lost for words the moment my eyes met the island of El Nido. And we haven’t even gone to the best ones yet.

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2016 Recap: It’s a wrap!

Before the year ends, let’s go back to all the places I’ve been to for the year that has been. I may not have been able to finish all entries yet (or might decided not to write one for [a] certain trip/s), but here’s where my trusty flip flops and I has gone about.

PS: Okay. My flipflops didn’t actually go with me to every trip, but yeah. You get the point. Haha.

PPS: Credits to Adrianne Uy for my artsy header image! ❀

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Exploring Iloilo: Isla Gigantes Inland Tour

If there is one thing I do not enjoy doing, it’s riding motorcycles. But no, I didn’t have a choice today.

Our host from Rosewood Place Resort offered us the in-land tour upon arriving at Isla Gigantes. The tour would let you go to the destinations of your choice using, yep you guessed it, motorcycles or habal-habal as transport. I was never comfortable in riding motorcycles given that there has been a lot, and I mean A LOT, of motorcycle accidents mentioned on the news every day. And I’m just not comfortable, period. Continue reading “Exploring Iloilo: Isla Gigantes Inland Tour”

Japan 2016: Short Video

Just thought I’d drop by today to share this short video of my Japan trip last April 2016. Don’t expect too much, I’m a total beginner with video editing. If you have tips/ tutorials that you can share with me, put them in the comments below and it’ll be greatly appreciated. Arigatou Gozaimasu! πŸ™‚