[PHOTODUMP] Film 101: Life In Grain

Earlier this year, I bought my first (not considering the family film cameras we had back in the days) film camera. I scored an Olympus Trip 35 for only Php 1, 500 ($29.27) from a vintage camera seller online. My best friend, who is a photography hobbyist, encouraged me to try out film photography and she was the one who helped me to get the Olympus Trip 35. Continue reading “[PHOTODUMP] Film 101: Life In Grain”


A ‘Tell All’ on How I Lost 1.5inches of Belly Fat in 14 Days Without Diet and Workout

Warning: This is a lengthy note. But hey! It’s worth reading, I promise.

If we’re friends on Facebook and/or you’re following my personal IG account, you’ve probably read about how I tried out this dietary supplements just a little over two weeks ago.

If not, no worries. Today, I’d like to share with you this wonderful experience and answer the questions you’d most likely ask me. Continue reading “A ‘Tell All’ on How I Lost 1.5inches of Belly Fat in 14 Days Without Diet and Workout”

R&R: Spas Within The Metro That Are Worth Your Money

If I am to identify just one guilty pleasure of mine, it would be having a relaxing, much-deserved body massage. I remember going to a spa bi-monthly for a dose of R&R because… why not? Lol.

Personally, I prefer Swedish massage services. Sometimes I go for a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu or try other massage services for the experience but for most times, I go for my favorite choice. Continue reading “R&R: Spas Within The Metro That Are Worth Your Money”

January 21, 2016, I promised..

How often do you meet someone for the first time but seemed like you’ve known each other for years? Definitely not every day.

Almost two years ago, I met two wonderful ladies on different occassions; one through a friend, and the second one through the first one I met through a friend. Are you following?

Continue reading “January 21, 2016, I promised..”

Lettering 101

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Today, I had my first ever hand lettering session with my friend and officemate, Cye.

Cye started her lettering journey few years back, 2014 if my memory serves me well. We met through a common friend during halloween last year. It was only during mid of this year when I learned that she’s doing calligraphy and hand lettering. Since I was into learning the craft and joining workshops was a struggle for me due to my erratic work schedule, I was psyched when I saw her post on her Facebook page that she offers lettering classes for beginners. Continue reading “Lettering 101”

Halloween Photodump: No Tricks, All Treats!

The time of the year to dress up and become your dream character has come!

I’m not sure with you, but I never had the chance to go trick or treating when I was a kid. I was only able to participate and experience halloween events during my college years. I’ve always had this longing to dress up as those characters I admired on television and movies including the nameless zombies and creepy entities who are famous every halloween. Continue reading “Halloween Photodump: No Tricks, All Treats!”

​Reading Challenge Kick Off: Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello

About 3 weeks back I initiated, or rather ‘launched’, if you would say that, the #LaFFReadingChallenge. The challenge’s start date was Aug. 15, which means I should’ve finished my first book of choice by Aug. 31st or earlier. Here’s what happened during the kick off:
Continue reading “​Reading Challenge Kick Off: Paulo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello”

Reading Challenge: Back to Square One

I noticed that I have been procrastinating on reading lately, which also has been one of the reasons why I am having difficulties in writing lately. Therefore, I decided to do a reading challenge.

First off, I laid out all the reasons I can think of why I should do a reading challenge instead of just sticking with the usual ‘i-will-read-whenever-i-feel-like-reading’ routine of mine then I set the rules that I need to follow during this challenge, including the target number of books and timeline. Continue reading “Reading Challenge: Back to Square One”

27 and still struggling

For a few years now, my everyday routine has been the same. Wake up, go to work, sit for 8 hours, render overtime, go home. *insert ‘eat’ in between every activity*

It has been 4 years since I opted to switch careers. I moved from the medical field to the BPO industry for practicality reasons. For 4 years already (and counting), I let myself be succumed to this desk job. I kept on reminding myself that I can handle this. That I can survive being a corporate slave. I forced myself to believe that I can.

During the years of payroll work, I found myself engaging in different non-work activities in the office such as organizing events and writing for the Communications Team. I was mostly involved in Employee Engagement Teams and I honestly enjoy being part of it, regardless of the pressure it brings.

Little by little, I’m starting to realize what I really want to do. I want to work, but I want a job that I love doing. My mom and I would always debate on this part. But, I guess it’ll be a never-ending arguement with her. 

She told me that it’s not about what I want to do, it’s where I’ll earn money. That I should just stay wherever I am and strive to become better in that field because it will pay off in time. I understand her statement, but I don’t think she sees how grieved I am for not being able to pursue what I want to do with my life.

I want to travel. I want to write. I want to cook. That’s 3 major things that I am sure I want to do. That I’d be happy to do them and earn because of them. I’d like to have that job that doesn’t seem like a job at all. A job that wouldn’t make me want to go on a vacation, because I love what I do. A job that has a feeling of fulfillment. A job that doesn’t kill the life inside.

But yes, practicality kicks in. While I am trying my best to balance things out and make things work simultaneously, the struggle is real.

Adulthood is difficult not because of the bills and the responsibilities, it is because of the struggle inside when you’re doing something different from what you really love. I know there are a lot of people who figured out what they wanted to become at an early age and there are those who didn’t know they wanted to do something until they’ve reached their 50s. At the age of 27, I now know what I want. I guess what I need right now, are prayers. Prayers that I may find the strength and the courage to do what I want. Prayers for both physical and emotional strength. Prayers for a strong heart and a hard-core commitment to fight for what I want, without abandoning the responsibilities I carry. Prayers. It makes a lot of difference.