A ‘Tell All’ on How I Lost 1.5inches of Belly Fat in 14 Days Without Diet and Workout

Warning: This is a lengthy note. But hey! It’s worth reading, I promise.

If we’re friends on Facebook and/or you’re following my personal IG account, you’ve probably read about how I tried out this dietary supplements just a little over two weeks ago.

If not, no worries. Today, I’d like to share with you this wonderful experience and answer the questions you’d most likely ask me.

You see, I used to be one of those skinny girls in high school. Come college, I did gain a few pounds and a little bulge on my belly area which I can shed off by merely crash dieting before a planned beach trip. It was easy back then. I was young and my metabolism is fast.

Years passed, I graduated from college. Stayed home for a while and started working. Aside from the fact that I was also aging, my lifestyle has gone from active (I used to dance a lot during my college years) to sedentary. I became an employee in a corporate company which requires me to sit in front of my computer for 8 hours a day. I have always been a voracious eater, but as I aged, my metabolism was also slowing down. Hence, I was gaining weight.

I would go to the gym at times to workout but the motivation later on goes away. I would go on diets but they didn’t work much anymore.

Fast forward to 2017. I enrolled myself to a newly opened gym beside my office but once again lost the motivation to continue (yes, waste of money, I know). I couldn’t wear the clothes I used to wear and I am always mistaken as a pregnant lady.

I then came across this product from Pharmanex (supplement brand of Nu Skin) named Tegreen 97. I’ve heard about this before but I didn’t give much attention to it as I knew it was just an antioxidant. Around March of this year, I came across this product again over the internet. I checked on the benefits, reviews and results. Surprisingly, it does much more than detoxification, it can also help you lose weight. My curiosity grew by the day until I finally decided to purchase one bottle and try it out for myself.


  • Contains 97% of polyphenol antioxidants which are found in green tea. Two-thirds of the 97% polyphenol are catechins, the particularly potent and highly effective group of polyphenol.
  • Each pill contains the catechin equivalent of approximately 7 cups of green tea
  • 99.5% caffeine free


  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Boosts immunity
  • Boosts stamina & endurance
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Healthy skin
  • Boosts metabolism (due to thermogenic effect of catechins)
  • Burns fat

Recommended Intake:

  • 1 to 4 capsules a day (maximum of 4)

Since I do not take anything with green tea, I take 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast and 2 capsules in the evening with dinner.


Start date: April 20, 2017, Thursday (Day 1)

Day 1: I started with a waist baseline of 33.5inches along my navel area.

Day 4: I noticed I have been sleeping well and feeling energized the next day.

Day 5: I was able to wear my all-time favorite high-waist shorts! The last time I was able to wear that properly was in March 2016. Weeks and months after that, I would always leave the top button undone just so I could breathe normally, especially when sitting down. Today, I was able to wear my shorts with ease, all buttons done! This product is working!

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
All the buttons are FINALLY closed!

Day 6: I was never a morning person and since I work on a late mid-shift (3pm-12mn), waking up at 8:15am is a terrible idea and real struggle. Lo and behold, I was able to wake up that early and had the energy to practice my freestyle and breaststrokes!

Day 9: Life milestone: ACHIEVED! Never in my life was I able to swim 300 meters without panting like a tired horse but today, I did! That’s a total of six (6) 50 meters laps with only MINIMAL rest periods– about less than a minute each. I am nothing but amazed with the results and benefits of this product!

Day 14: I decided to check on my waist line again since based on the reviews and testimonials I read, users have gotten significant results during the two-week mark. From 33.5 inches (baseline), today my waist line is down to 32 inches! That’s 1.5inches off my waist!


  • Do you workout while taking this?No. I am currently enrolled to my neighborhood gym (1year lock in boohoo) but I don’t workout. I just go there to shower at times because why not? I live and work next to it lol. If you want faster results though, I would recommend you to incorporate this in your current active lifestyle.
  • Are you on a diet? If being “on a diet” means not ordering that beloved extra rice on every meal, then yes I am. Other than that, I still happily eat three cups of rice a day (one per meal). Again, if you want faster results, include this in your diet.
  • How’s your bowel movement? Same as before I started taking Tegreen. This is probably one of the things I love about this product. It doesn’t give you induced-diarrhea unlike the other green tea products I’ve tried back in 2011. My bowel movement remains normal as usual.
  • How does it work? Tegreen is made of catechins which are responsible in providing thermogenic effect which enhances the body’s metabolic rate, thus resulting to fat burning and weight loss.
  • It’s green tea! How’s the caffeine content? Chill. It’s 99.5% caffeine-free which is another thing I love about this product. I myself am a coffee machine and ditchinf coffee to lose weight is not an option for me. Since Tegreen is caffeine-free, I am still enjoying my daily doses of coffee without palpitating or worrying about caffeine-overdose.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of green tea supplements in the market. What and why did you choose to try Tegreen? Back in 2011, I had my fair share in trying other green tea slimming products. I did not enjoy the process I had to go through just right after one intake. I couldn’t bear the fact that I had to stay inside the bathroom for most times and my stomach would hurt like I was having a diarrhea. I decided to try Tegreen because of the third party clinical studies that back this product up. It was used for over 14 different third party clinical studies where it was identified as the most potent green tea supplement in the market. I did my homework and researched about the product before investing my money on it.

My #JourneyWithTegreen still continues and I will update this post (or probably create a new one, we’ll see) along the way. So far, so good! It’s a great thing and achievement to be investing in my health now other than gadgets, clothes and whatnots. Purchasing supplements as health investment may seem expensive, but getting sick can zero out your bank accounts and that’s something we all pray not to happen. Invest on the good stuff! 🙂

If you would like to know how to avail of this product, kindly visit The Skin Barista MNL on Facebook or Instagram and I will get in touch with you. 🙂


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