#ShowMeYourDrills Challenge

Bonjour à tous! (Hello everyone!)

Energy booster = Snickers!

Before this year (2017) started, I came across a Canadian calligrapher, Becca Courtice of The Happy Ever Crafter, who launched a ‘drills’ challenge.

Best part of it is the fact that free workbook for the challenge is provided. Yes- FREE PRINTABLE WORKBOOK!

To make the long story short, I signed up. The challenge entitled “Show Me Your Drills” challenge started on January 1st. It was mind blowing to know that 11,000 participants signed up! This means that I have 10,999 classmates doing the drills! (Based on her IG post, there are 11,000 sign ups by Jan. 16. The probability of this number going up is really high!)

A Facebook group was also created by Becca where most, if not all, participants are members of. The vibe there is just incredible! Since the set of participants vary in levels of calligraphy knowledge and skills, say.. pre-schoolers to doctorate degree (lol), you’d see every one supporting and helping each other out. The bestest part of taking part in this challenge is actually making new friends with common interests. I met friends from all over the world and now we’re planning to meet up for coffee! Gaaah! It’s such a beautiful opportunity for all of us. 💚

We are now halfway done with the 30-day challenge and I can say that I see improvements in my strokes. But of course, 30 days is not enough to polish everything but Becca has given us an opportunity to have a strong foundation in doing and learning modern calligraphy. 

I really loved the fact that Becca was kind enough to share her knowledge, expertise and worksheets (!!!) to the world. She has also a lot in store for those who have signed up already. If you’re interested to join, go check out her website or Instagram account!

Also, I made a separate Instagram account (yes, this is my 3rd one, but again for a purpose!) solely for calligraphy, arts, letters and basically documentation of my progress, scribbles, doodles and works. 🙂

For a dose of art, follow me at: www.instagram.com/callaigraphy


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