Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan: Pawikan Hostel

Featured Image Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page

Our home during our 5-day trip in El Nido was the Pawikan Hostel.

We were booked in a dorm room which was perfect for four persons. The room has two (2) bunk beds, private bath and toilet and air conditioning unit.

The room was spacious enough for the four of us to move around and throw our stuff everywhere. The bathroom/ toilet though was quite small.

Each bed is equipped with a personal lamp shade and power sockets, perfect for your charging needs!

The sheets were white and clean af and they smelled so good. The beds were equally comfortable to sleep on.

Pawikan Hostel as a total of 8 rooms. Two rooms (if I’m not mistaken) is located on the ground floor and the other rooms on the next levels. I wasn’t able to check each room or go up for reasons I could barely remember (maybe I was just lazy?), so I can’t exactly tell how many levels there actually is. Teehee.

The hostel offers Double and Dorm Rooms.

The Double Rooms is good for two guests. Got a third wheel? Worry not! They also offer a Double Room with EXTRA BED! Now your official third wheel can also sleep in the same room as you guys. #relationshipgoals

Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page

Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page

For those traveling with friends (particularly group of 4), you can avail of the Dorm Room like the one we occupied. The same room type is also offered for solo travelers or travelers on a budget.

Source: Pawikan Hostel Facebook Page


They have a common area which also serves as the dining area for guests. Bryan usually is stationed at this area. There’s TV and wifi in the hostel.

Speaking of wifi, I didn’t have much mobile network coverage during my stay in El Nido, especially in our room. I’m not sure if it was just my mobile network or all networks in general. But hey, this would give you less time on Instagram and more time to enjoy your trip! Live in the moment!

Going back to the common area, they have coffee and chocolate drinks on display. I am not sure if my memory serves me right, but I was on caffeine-high for those 5 days because I think at some point I thought the coffee was unlimited. PLEASE ASK FIRST. I went there March of 2016 and I really can’t remember. Haha! If ever it wasn’t unlimited, I’m so sorry Bry! (Bawi ako pagbalik ko hehehe).

Our package, by the way, included breakfast for 3 days. You can check with Bryan the current offerings they have to be sure.

Toiletries and mosquito-repellent lotions are also available for sale just in case you forgot or ran out of supplies.

Additional plus points: VERY GOOD customer service! I liked the fact that they treat their guests as their own family and not just random visitors. They all were very nice, sweet, warm and welcoming. They even kept up to our (especially my mom’s) random requests and chit chats. Haha 🙂

Inasmuch as I would like to share with you the package that we availed, I am not entirely sure if the same package/s are still available as of writing. Also, ours was quite tailored due to some mishaps but kudos to Bryan for being so patient with us and working around the circumstances, ensuring that our first time in El Nido will definitely be one of the bests. 🙂

Overall, our stay in Pawikan Hostel was a great experience! I highly recommend staying here for your ultimate El Nido adventure! 🙂

Visit their official website and Facebook page for inquiries, reservations and other details. You may also book your reservations via El Nido Adventure website.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. All details in the post is pure review based on my personal experience.


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