Ang Paraiso ng El Nido, Palawan

Booked almost a year ahead, I flew in to the most beautiful island in the world with few to zero expectations. And I think that’s what made this trip even more spectacular.

Our 5-day trip to El Nido, with a side trip to Puerto Princesa, was such an amazing experience. I am honestly lost for words the moment my eyes met the island of El Nido. And we haven’t even gone to the best ones yet.

Mea arranged the whole trip. There were four of us. She was able to get a deal with Bryan, owner of Pawikan Hostel, which includes tours in El Nido and the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, 5d/4n accommodation with breakfast and airport to airport transfers. At first, the amount seemed a little bit overboard but it wasn’t until I saw and experienced the magnificence of the islands that I was convinced in a blink of an eye that the deal was a really cheap one. A little over Php 8,000/pax for all of these except airfare is definitely cheap!

Beach front

We landed in Puerto Princesa around 8 in the morning. The designated van and driver picked us up from the airport, along with the other guests. From Puerto Princesa, it takes around 5 hours to reach El Nido. We had lunch at a local diner along the way. Afterwards, the guests were dropped off at their respective hotels/ hostels, us being the last.

The part where our hostel was located is just walking distance from the beach front.

It’s a small community with narrow streets and lots of restaurants, food joint, kiosks, hostels, inns, and residential houses. You can also find the municipal hall, a school and church within the vicinity. Best way to explore is by walking.


I liked the fact that I am seeing a lot of Caucasians all over the place. It gave me an impression that El Nido is a diverse and welcoming community. Also, it’s one of the safest places I’ve been to. Given the presence of guests from all over the world, the rates of the restaurants, food joints, stores and kiosks have also adapted to their guests. In short, quite pricey. I suggest you plan your trip properly to make the most out of your budget.

Along the shore is a long line of local diners and bars. You will find gigs and solo performers serenading their guests every night.

Our first day was basically spent on traveling and roaming around the community. The adventure begins on day 2.


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