2016 Recap: It’s a wrap!

Before the year ends, let’s go back to all the places I’ve been to for the year that has been. I may not have been able to finish all entries yet (or might decided not to write one for [a] certain trip/s), but here’s where my trusty flip flops and I has gone about.

PS: Okay. My flipflops didn’t actually go with me to every trip, but yeah. You get the point. Haha.

PPS: Credits to Adrianne Uy for my artsy header image! ❤


2016 was jump started with my first time (in my adult years) hike ever to the majestic falls of Buntot Palos! I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything else. Aside from discovering how far I am willing to go and how I was able to conquer some of my fears, it was a very happy (and cheap!) adventure to start the year with.

Baguio, being one of my favorite cities in the Philippines, my feet will always be happy to roam around the city of pines. It’s always a pleasure visiting this city in the province of Benguet as it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to giving you the breeze your metro-tired body needs. Plus, the food is always so damn good in Baguio!


It was literally a quick getaway when my cousin and I flew to Roxas City in Capiz for a weekend family reunion. This year was only my second time to visit the province; first time was waaaaay back when I was around 10 (?) years old when I attended another cousin’s wedding. I look forward in going back to Roxas and explore the city more. The laid back vibes just gets me. Perfect for a chill drinking sesh!

Another favorite of mine is the country closest to my heart, Singapore. The quick weekend getaway was so nostalgic. It was the first country I’ve ever traveled alone to circa 2010, plus it taught me a lot of things as well back then. Always a pleasure to pay this country a visit! It just feels like home!

Moving on, while I was wandering around in Singapore, a shotgun idea of going to Malaysia hit my mind. Well, why not? Johor Bahru is just a 20-min bus ride (depending on the traffic and immigration lines) anyway. I basically just ate, roamed around for quite a while, window shopped and had a massage while I was there. And yes, I have yet to see Malaysia in full!


This trip just got me breathless and gave me mini heart attacks in so many ways. The place is just A-EFFIN-MAZING! The beauty of El Nido is indeed mesmerizing and awestriking. This became my official, topmost favorite place in the Philippines in a heartbeat!

April 2016: BOHOL, JAPAN

To celebrate my love’s 31st birthday, we went to Bohol for a new adventure. I haven’t been there so it was a good choice for me. I swear I really thought that the Chocolate Hills covered only a part of the land so you can imagine how amazed I was when I saw the hills up in the sky before we landed. Haha!

I didn’t expect much from Japan before we flew in but right there and then, the country has captivated my heart. Not only did I fall in love with the beauty of the country, but it was their culture, oozing out of every individual we saw and met. I can talk about Japan all day long but I’ll do that after my upcoming Japan trip in 2017. And that’s what I will be writing about (not this short 2016 trip)!

June 2016: LA UNION

I needed a quick getaway from the city so I decided to board a bus and take a 6-8 hour trip to La Union to roast myself under the sun. This was my first solo trip in the Philippines. I know, it’s funny that I’m more scared to go about alone here in the PH than other countries. Sarreh. Anyway, the 3-day getaway was hella fun! Too bad though I wasn’t able to surf due to my back problems during this time. #sadlife

July 2016: SINGAPORE

What? Again? YES! Haha! The reason for this 5-day trip was the Nu Skin SEA Convention my mom and I attended. I told you, it will always be a pleasure for me to go to Singapore. So yeah, there! Oh.. Try the food place in Paya Lebar, guys!

November 2016: BAGUIO CITY

Need I say more? Haha! My friends and I were supposed to book a flight to SG in November but due to financial priorities, we turned down the idea and opted for a weekend getaway to Baguio instead. As always, it was fun and our stomachs were always full!


So there you have it! Where have you guys been this year? Let me know down in the comments below and let’s exchange stories and experiences we’ve had while traveling! Over a cup of coffee, maybe? See you around! 🙂

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