January 21, 2016, I promised..

How often do you meet someone for the first time but seemed like you’ve known each other for years? Definitely not every day.

Almost two years ago, I met two wonderful ladies on different occassions; one through a friend, and the second one through the first one I met through a friend. Are you following?

I met this lady, about a month older than I, during a beach trip my office friends and I organized in 2015. For reference, let’s call her “A”. (Chill PLL fans)

She’s just as weird as I am but in our own different worlds. She’s an artist, a bookworm, an emotional being who has her own set of frustrations, regrets and ambitions. We engaged in a random conversation over beers and leftover food. For a moment there, my mind froze and realized how similar we are in a lot of ways. We can both be naive, stubborn, martyrs, lazy-ass bitches just as much as we are both wanderers of this world, trying to find ourselves, paving our own paths, looking for something we believe is existent, fulfilling and rewarding. Do you get what I’m saying? 

Behind the stories we exchanged about our careers, love lives, dreams and aspirations, I saw a strong lady in her late 20’s. A hopeful, aspirant, adventurous soul. For some reason, there was a connection. We had similarities I couldn’t even fathom. Our level of weirdness, emotions, vulnerability, randomness and a whole lot more just seem to be in the same wave length. It’s astonishing and soothing at the same time. Not to mention some people told us we actually look like each other. Is she my twin? Mom? Dad? Tell me the truth.

Few weeks later, A invited me to a cafe in Manila for an open mic event. That’s where I met “J”. 

The place was crowded and quite noisy, but I got to chit chat with A, J and the rest of the folks we were with during that night. J and I didn’t have much chance to get to know each other that night but I got to know her in bits and pieces through that platform even baby boomers rave about: Facebook. 

J is an artist. She’s a sweet girl who loves and lives for art. However, do not confuse her sweet and innocent looks for a frail and helpless girl, she’s exactly the opposite, I assure you. This is another strong lady we are talking about. Are you still with me?

I see the strength of her heart and character in her works and words. Like A, J is not afraid to be bold. She is confident in who she is, what she does and what she can become. Boldness. Yes, this is what makes me admire these two ladies the most. 

The three of us met at a time where love seemed to be out of reach. We were not exactly “searching for love” but rather we had a bunch of unanswered questions and list of ideals that are yet to be met. Eventually, our shenanigans unfolded at the right time. 

What’s the point of all this? Simple.

his is me, sharing with each and every one of you, a story of a beautiful friendship that started with beers, sand, a crowded room and beautiful poetries and speeches. A story of how humbling it is to meet people who makes an impact to one’s life one way or another. A story of how all of us should learn how to open ourselves in meeting new people. 

Adrianne and Jen are living reminders to me that it’s okay to be different. That trying a new skill or yearning for a new learning is not just joining the bandwagon. That being bold is a decision you have to make on a daily basis. That being emotional and frail at times is part of humanity. And most of all, that promises, no matter how small or big, are not meant to be broken. 💙


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