Reading Challenge: Back to Square One

I noticed that I have been procrastinating on reading lately, which also has been one of the reasons why I am having difficulties in writing lately. Therefore, I decided to do a reading challenge.

First off, I laid out all the reasons I can think of why I should do a reading challenge instead of just sticking with the usual ‘i-will-read-whenever-i-feel-like-reading’ routine of mine then I set the rules that I need to follow during this challenge, including the target number of books and timeline.


I barely have time for reading.

Given the busy schedule of my work and the never-ending battle of whether I would do something worthwhile or just sleep, I figured I need to make myself be accountable to doing an activity that will help me grow one way or another. This is a simple, but definitely not easy, step in learning how to make time for things that matter and eventually being able to juggle everything in the most balanced way possible.

Setting things in order.

I noticed that I’ve lost all the time in the world for the things I love doing. I love to write, read, practice art stuff and the likes, but I don’t find myself doing them anymore and I can’t keep on trying to reason out and impliedly blame my job schedule or any other stuff for being the cause of my ‘passion haitus’. It’s just not right.

Injecting motivation in my system.

While I am not sure if I can clearly explain myself why I think this challenge would motivate me, I will try my best to do so. I know in my heart, lungs and all my innards (and soul) that I am so burnt out with life that I can’t even find motivation to do even the things that I love. It’s like I’ve let the system eat me alive, in a very helpless manner. However, this can’t go on forever. By doing this challenge, I believe that this will ignite the flame I have for my passions and keep it burning until it grows back to what I used to have and grow bigger that it will drive me to become the best I can be in these areas. I’ve received all the ‘push’ from the people around me, except for one, myself.

Writing is becoming difficult day by day.

It’s a bit easy for me to think of something to write of but finding the right words to express my thoughts and feels about a certain subject has become a huge obstacle for me. It seemed like my vocabulary, grammar and composition has become dull that I can even learn how to write and speak properly, with sense and conviction, from a grade schooler. I can feel the rust flowing through my veins and it’s making my whole system deteriorate. I need to replenish.

Source: Google Images

Continuous learning experience.

It doesn’t matter if what you’re reading is inspirational literature or business how to’s or fictional works, what matters is you are learning every single time you are reading. You learn how to make stories, you learn how to write from the heart, you learn new words and phrases and techniques. You learn from cover to cover, you learn from every page you turn and every book you finish.


Finish at least one (1) book fortnightly starting August 15, 2016.

I am requiring myself to finish at least one (1) book within a two-week period. This means that I need to finish at least two (2) books within a month’s time. The amount of books, however, can increase depending on my reading pace and efforts.

Write about the books finished at the end of the month.

While this doesn’t need to be one book per post, the rationale for this is to have a documentation of the books I have finished reading, track my progress and at least share my thoughts about the books I’ve read. (I’ll be using #LaFFReadingChallenge hash tag on my Instagram, Facebook and blog posts!)

The Reading Challenge will last until December 31, 2016.

This doesn’t mean though that I will stop reading by 2017. This is only a timeline set to have realistic goal. By 2017, a new challenge can begin.

Source: Google Images


  1. Finish at least nine (9) books by the end of 2016.
  2. Develop the habit of reading [again].
  3. More writings!


You can try doing this challenge as well if you believe this would help you. You can tailor it in any way you wish, just don’t forget to lay out the reasons why you want to challenge yourself to do something and work your way from them.

Enjoy!! 🙂


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