Exploring Iloilo: Best place to stay in Isla Gigantes? Rosewood Place Resort!

I have not been a picky person when it comes to accommodation whenever I’m traveling. As long as the place is safe, the bathrooms are clean and the location is good, oh, and the place is budget-friendly, then I’m sold.

During the planning stage of our Iloilo trip, my bestfriend, who planned the whole trip because December is just a hell month for payroll (my job), found several options to stay in Isla de Gigantes. She showed me her picks and asked for my opinion. We both ended up agreeing to stay at Rosewood Place Resort.

Source: Rosewood Place Resort Facebook Page


It is situated by the shore and has this ‘home away from home’ feels. There are several cottages that vary in size and facilities. We availed a cottage good for four (4) persons. Our cottage/ room had two (2) twin-size beds, own bathroom, complimentary toiletries, towels and air conditioning. The room was surprisingly huge and spacious for the four of us, which make the price of Php 1,500/night worth it.

Source: Rosewood Place Resort Facebook Page

Rosewood Place Resort also offers sumptuous seafood you’d not want to miss. They have freshly caught crabs, scallops, fish and squid. For those who are (sadly) allergic to seafood, they also have chicken and pork alternatives. The price of their food is on per kilogram basis. Since the four of us eat like cavemen, our usual bill per meal is from Php 600-1000, which is mainly comprised of 1 kilo of crabs, a quarter or half a kilo of squid or fish and a quarter of a kilo of scallops. Plus two big servings of rice (1 serving is good for 3-4 pax) and of course, Coca Cola. For breakfast, they have danggit, tocino and other breakfast viands served with eggs and rice. We just couldn’t resist eating here. I swear, they have the best cook ever!

(c) Nikki Caubalejo. This photo of one of the scallop dishes is the only remembrance we have from our sumptuous meals.

One notable thing about Rosewood is the hospitality and kindheartedness of the hosts; the owner and the guides. I remember one afternoon, while we were resting in one of the cottages after our island hopping activity, the guide responsible for the other group of guests went to the owner to advise her that one of his guests accidentally slipped and was wounded. He reported the first aid they performed and sought for further advise/ instructions to administer care.

We mentioned this particular incident to our guide, Lexter, and mentioned how amazed we were by the guide’s actions. He then told us that it has been their practice to ensure that their guests will leave the island just as how they welcomed them. They see to it that they put their guests’ safety and welfare first at all times. In all our previous travels, I have never encountered such sincere hosts like the ones in Rosewood. They made our stay much more memorable because of their love and care for their guests who they ensure to treat as their very own families.

Overall, our stay in Rosewood is one for the books, indeed. It is a place I’d go back to over and over again. 🙂

For inquiries and reservations, you may reach them at:

Source: Rosewood Place Resort Facebook Page


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