Baguio City: Camp John Hay’s Historical Core

CJH has been a famous destination in Baguio, but, how much do you actually know about it’s history? Fret not. I didn’t know a thing either, aside from the mini golf course and the tree top adventure.

A little history tour about a place you’re traveling to doesn’t hurt. While not everyone is a fan of history, I guess CJH’s Historical Core would still interest you.

Liberty Loop


Anyone who’s been dreaming to see the Statue of Liberty can have their American dream fix (while waiting for your US visa!) just before reaching CJH’s Historical Core entrance. A smaller version of the Statue of Liberty stands in front of the Historical Core.

Cemetery of Negativism

How many of you are facing negativity in your life? You know, having those doubts inside you, probably enslaving you and hindering you to succeed in life? Well, it’s time to pay this place a visit.

The graves in this cemetery were made for all kinds of negativism a man could ever experience. From the ones who have lived in passiveness to the ones who thought they are the best men who ever lived but died anyway. This cemetery gives us a whole new perspective about our lives. Each description carved on the graves remind us of our daily lives and what kind of lives and attitude we are actually living.

History Trail

Trails are meant for exercise and thus an exercise is given. The path leads you to a long walk into the woods as the rich history of war and refuge is unfolded in every stop. A so-called ‘Secret Garden’ and a gazebo is found at the center of the trail, where one of the attractions of the Tree Top Adventure can also be seen. The trail ends near the entrance of the Bell Ampitheater.

Bell Ampitheater

The ampitheater, being filled with lots of blooming flowers and huge pine trees, is a relaxing place to walk on and rest after the History Trail. A gazebo is located in the center of the theater, which makes it also suitable for weddings and other events. I am not familiar with what kind of events the ampitheater may be used for, but if you’re interested, you may contact CJH directly.

Panagbenga Flower


Located somewhere in front of the Bell House Museum is the symbol of the Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) which is celebrated month-long every February.

Bell House Museum


This vintage American house was a home to Gen. J Franklin Bell. It now serves as a museum, preserving the American architecture. During our tour, the rain poured hard and made us hang out longer than planned inside the Bell house. It’s funny though because while going around the house, I am reminded of the houses in American horror films that I’ve seen such as The Conjuring. Heehee.


Us being silly, as always.

Trivia: We literally ran for our lives from the Bell Ampitheater to the Bell House since the skies suddenly decided to pour a heavy rain on earth. It didn’t stop right away, leaving us stuck inside the Bell House with kuya guard for around 30 minutes or so. It was a good thing kuya guard was so nice and we had a great conversation as well. 🙂

For more information about Baguio city, kindly click here.

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