Baguio City: The Basics

I have been in the City of Pines for numerous times, most of which were due to church retreats and the remaining few were family trips. However, none of these trips gave me the luxury to go around this beautiful city and discover more of its offerings.

On 2015, I decided to celebrate my birthday by traveling. I was originally planning to go to La Union but after watching the Baguio episode of Biyahe ni Drew, well, the boyfriend and I immediately decided that we’re going to the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Since my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, we figured it was more convenient to leave at a later date, plus the fact that we have tons of workload, then a post-birthday trip is indeed the best plan we can come up to.

Few months later during the onset of 2016, my mom dragged me and Webb to go to Baguio yet again. Being one of our favorite places to be in the Philippines, we of course agreed to join them.

I (finally!) had the time to share with you guys my recent Baguio getaways. I decided to break down my Baguio post into several entries just so it wouldn’t be too lengthy. Hehe. 🙂

Please check out the following posts for more information about Baguio City. Also note that the details in each post are based on my experience. 🙂

*Baguio City: Where to stay?

*Baguio City: Where to go?

*Baguio City: Where to eat?


Share your experiences with me! Let me know where you’ve been in Baguio and what you’ve been up to in the Summer Capital of the Philippines on the comments below!


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