Ilocos 2015: 3 of 3

Our last day in Ilocos was not left empty handed as we were still brought to some places for sightseeing and shopping.

We had a quick stop at the famous Laoag Sinking Bell, the bell tower of the St. Augustine Cathedral. The bell tower is situated just in the middle of Laoag city.

We headed to yet another church, but this time we stayed longer. The Bantay Church and Bell Tower is a Roman Catholic church located in Ilocos Sur. I searched it up and learned that the real name of the church is Saint Augustine Parish Church. It is, however, more commonly known as the Bantay Church.


I like the structure of the church and the bell tower. They were able to preserve not only the structure but also the historical background of the place. Going around the place and taking photos, however, became a great challenge due to the influx of people who visited during our trip. Mea and I tried to go up the tower but we ditched the idea after a minute of falling in line. Hehe.

Just within the Bantay Church lies a mini outdoor chapel called “Chapel by the Ruins”. This caught my attention more than the Bantay Church and Bell tower. It’s seclusion and location made it more beautiful. It could be creepy too, depending on how and when you are visiting it.

Before going home, all guests were given free time for lunch, shopping and photo ops at the Heritage Village.

My mom and tita Jenny found a nice coffee place somewhere in the area where they stayed while waiting for us to finish roaming around the place, under the scorching sun.

At 1:00 PM, we’re already on the road back to Manila.


Read more about this trip here and here.

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