Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale: Emotionally Traumatic

I was working on my Calaguas trip post and was planning to finish and publish it on Monday night, however, the season finale of Game of Thrones is out and MUST BE WATCHED. And so I did watch it. (Thank you, Sittie, for sharing that streaming site link!) Unfortunately, after watching that season finale episode, my brain seemed to have shut down along with all the body systems I have. I WAS ON SHOCK. The “I-don’t-wanna-move-or-do-anything-not-even-go-to-work-tomorrow-and-I-don’t-care-what-my-boss-will-say-about-it” kind of shock.

From the beginning of the “Mother’s Mercy” episode, my jaw already half-dropped when I saw that Selyse Baratheon hanged herself after allowing that red priestess bitch and her husband burn her daughter, Shireen, alive in front Stannis’ army. What a bunch of motherf*ckers, right? Well, the reason I was surprised with Selyse’s death was because she has always been blinded with whatever the red priestess does because she believes that it is the will of the Lord of Light. She let this priestess get away with fucking her husband, do other shitty things and yes, even murdering their own daughter. I think her death proves that she somehow had remorse and had woken up to the truth in front of her.

Speaking of the red priestess, Melisandre has been executing and torturing human sacrifices justifying each act that it must be done as it is the will of the Lord of Light. It was such a relief that Ser Davos was able to save Gendry (I wonder if he ever survived sailing alone?) but it’s heartbreaking that he wasn’t able to save the dear princess’ life from the hands of her desperate father and the sociopath red priestess. We’ve all witnessed how much Ser Davos loved Shireen and vice versa.

Moving on. I honestly enjoyed the part where Arya murdered Ser Meryn. Awesome scene, indeed! I started liking Arya’s character in season 4. The growing darkness inside her, the hunger to kill and take the life of every man and woman who’s done her and her family wrong seemed really beautiful to me. (I’m weird like that, sorry. But sometimes I do wonder if I myself is a psycho or what. Lol.)

Arya’s method of murdering Ser Meryn was more brutal than how other characters have killed other characters. I felt the wrath, the need to kill, the pleasure in torturing someone, the thirst in taking someone’s life, the coldness and hardness of her heart, the darkness within her and the passion to avenge her family all at the same time. It wasn’t as nasty as how Mountain crushed Oberyn’s skull but it was food for the soul for some people who are fascinated with such character. And yes, that scene gave me hots for Arya. Hahaha.

I just don’t get the part thought when she was busted by Jaqen H’ghar for stealing and using a face from the Many-faced god. That scene was a major cliffhanger. Plus the fact that I don’t know what the eff is happening in that place. I guess, “I know nothing.”

Going back to Stannis, his death was… uhh.. that was too easy. But I’m happy for Brienne because she’s finally avenged the love of her life. Renly’s really cute though, but G.R.R. Martin just figured too soon that many would be crushing on him.

Sansa is FINALLY doing something! I don’t know what’s gonna happen to her and Theon after that jump but I do wish the snow is high enough to prevent them from suffering injuries. And thank goodness that psychopath chick, Miranda, is gone. Credits to Reek!

Let’s jump south and check on Cersei.


(Repeat 3 times with awkward silences in between to make it more disturbing and creepy.)

So Cersei decides to confess. She’s hoping to be given even just a drop of the Mother’s mercy and be set free. I can’t deny the fact that she’s still stunningly beautiful even if she looks like shit. Her confession to the High Septon for having sex with her cousin Lancel didn’t seem enough for the barefooted old man. He wanted her to confess about her incestuous acts with her brother Jamie but Cersei was very good at telling lies and she had a really good argument about Stannis making up all the bastard children rumors so he can take over the throne when Robert dies. High Septon seemed pleased with the argument given by Cersei but he won’t let Queen Mother go just like that so he makes her do the walk of shame as an atonement for her sins.

I’m still trying to figure out if that was really Lena herself, walking naked in the middle of that huge crowd or if there was a double to do that part. Si ate gurl in blue is creeping me out with that one-liner, “Shame…. Shame…. Shame…..” (rings bell, repeat) script. More on a ‘one-worder’. Nope, I made that up. But really, if I was Cersei, which I am glad I’m not, that voice that only had 2 words to say for her entire stay in season 5 would really haunt me every day and night, even in my dreams. There was a time though that I felt bad for Cersei, and then I remembered all her nasty manipulative works, so, sorry girl!

Drifting back to Dorne, I knew Ellaria has something brewing. She almost french kissed Myrcella and at that moment, I knew something’s going to happen. It’s very unfortunate for Jamie since it was just that moment when he was able to [almost] admit to Myrcella the truth, which she already knew and gladly accepted, and all of a sudden her baby girl dies in his arms. I’m pretty sure Jamie will ensure that Ellaria (once he figures it out) pays her debts. But he will most likely kill all the Martells. Good luck, Prince Trystane. Mukhang ikaw ang unang alay.

On some other part of the world, Danaerys is stuck with Drogon in the middle of some green pasture. Drogon won’t bring her back home because he’s hungry and obviously not in the mood. Let’s face it Dany, the dragon got stabbed multiple times in Meereen. Who would want to go back to a place where you know you’ll get hurt, right? Oh wait, hugot line there. Charot. Haha! Danaerys went wandering around and found herself surrounded by Khalasars. According to my friend who has read the books, most of these Dothrakis do not know Danaerys but some of them used to be a part of Khal Drogo’s army. So.. Will Danaerys become a Khaleesi again? (You know, as in, literally rule over Dothrakis again.)

Meanwhile in Meereen, two and half men, Jorah, Daario and Tyrion (hehehe) are brainstorming on how to get the Khaleesi back home safely. Tyrion was forced to stay in Meereen with the lovebirds, Missandei and Grey Worm, and was happily reunited with his (and my personal favorite) bromance interest, Lord Varys, while Jorah (the explorer, lol, blame Buzzfeed!) and Daario goes on an awkward search for the love of their lives.

Tyrion and Lord Varys. Ughh. They’re just too cute! Too much sarcasm and intelligence! Who would not love these two? ❤

Going all the way up north again.. oh my god. I can’t even.


He’s not my favorite character but gets?! I’ve been looking forward to how he will be leading the people of the Night’s Watch and the wildlings against the White Walkers and then.. THIS?! Stabbed multiple times to death?! WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?!


What the hell is it with watches?! (I get why they said that phrase, okay? I’m just.. you know.. damaged. Kasi naman eh!)

I gasped the moment I saw the sign “Traitor” and my jaw dropped and remained dropped the whole time until the credits came out. I couldn’t utter anything after watching that episode except for P*******A, which I said more than 10 times. Almost 20, I think.That son of a bitch, Olly, and Ser Alliser and all those who joined the mutiny should be given as meals to the White Walkers! Or the Thenns!

I was emotionally traumatized by that season ender that I just decided to lie down on my bed and sleep regardless if my notebooks were all over the place. I slept away my GoT-induced depression.

I’ve read articles and blogs and forums about the GoT season finale and those who’ve read the books have been firm in debating that Jon Snow is not dead. Well not confirmed, at least. He is believed to be the one of the three heads of the House Targaryen. The odd return of Melisandre to Castle Black also imposes that she might bring Jon Snow back to life just like how Thoros of Myr has brought back Beric Dondarrion in the previous season. There are also some claims made that Jon Snow will be the reborn of Azor Ahai, the legendary hero who fought the White Walkers.

I have faith in the words written by G.R.R. Martin and I have faith in the bookworms and the nerds who have read the Game of Thrones. I am grateful to them for sharing what they’ve read and for making me more eager to get my own copy and read. I still have a year to do all the necessary readings. I need more motivation. Please motivate me.


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