Back to Basics

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I have been away for the universe knows how long. I can’t even remember the last time I logged onto WordPress to update my blog. I have completely let go of my preferences, hobbies and things that have kept my soul hungry for life. I have, for a while, forsaken the things that I loved the most.

I was pretty caught up and eventually became a prisoner of my job. My world has revolved at nothing but my 8 hours or more job and have completely succumb to the reality of being a corporate slave. But there is always a time to wake up and pick up where one has left off.

I’ve decided to go back to the things that I have loved since then. Blogging, reading, traveling and of course, eating. I do not claim, at any point, that I am good at any of these things, but they are interests that flickered inside of me during my younger years and I just couldn’t let myself drown in my previous misery. I admit I have lost the appetite for life and drive to show the world who I really am. I have started to pour myself a drink, put my lipstick on and pull myself together and I have decided to continue doing that every single day of my life from now on, regardless I feel like it or not.

I have been contemplating on whether I should delete my previous posts as I find them childish and.. ‘corny’ or whatever, but I figured, those posts were me. They remind me of who I was and who I still am–the child in me that always yearns for new things and still get fascinated with even just a simple set of colored pens.

So I promise to myself, and God forbid I fail, that I will update this blog at least three times a week no matter how f*cked up my work schedule may be.

This is me, embracing and sharing the weird person that I am.


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