Chick Flick

After 10,000 years, I am now updating my blog. Hahaha 😀 So anyway…

I went out with a friend today after church. We went to BF Parañaque to chill and catch up. After having a dose of frappuccino, we went to Ruins for some window shopping. Her only agenda was to buy a cd case. In my case, I had no agenda at all. Lol.

While walking around I remembered I wanted to have my own peplum skirt. I told her that getting a peplum skirt is my focus for today. We went around the place and did find peplum skirts but the available skirts were either printed or just not my type. We ended up at this store where corsets, bangles and necklaces were on sale. As usual, I failed to get a peplum skirt. I bought this black corset, yellow spike necklace and  a coral/orangey/tangerine/whatever layered necklace.

Corset – Php 250

Yellow Spike Necklace – Php 150

Coral/Tangerine Layered Necklace – Php 150

Not bad for a Sunday haul, right? 🙂 So that’s about it! Happy shopping! 😀

Store details:

Chick Flick



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