Bright and Spiky

About two weeks ago, I got into this unexpected barfing situation. It was Friday and I am peacefully seated in an FX on my way to work. It was scorching hot that day and the sun was directly roasting me from where I am seated. 10 minutes after I boarded the PUV, this kid threw up on us, twice. My right shoe got its fair share of barf that day and I had to go down the PUV even if my destination was still 15-20 minutes farther since the kid seemed he still has a lot to let out. I must say, though, that I am still thankful I wasn’t seated beside the kid and his mom cos the old man sitting next to them served as the kid’s barf’s catch basin. Sucks cos he seemed like he’s going somewhere that day, not to mention he’s wearing a white polo shirt. :s The most irritating thing though was that the kid’s mom didn’t even say sorry. She acted as if nothing happened. Tss.

So anyway, upon reaching Makati, I hurriedly went to SM Department Store to get a new pair of flats. Thank goodness it was pay day and my other black flats’s sole broke off few days back. Several heels, wedges and pumps welcomed me until I saw this one and only pair of yellow spiked shoes. The spikes aren’t that pointy and sharp that they actually looked like studs. I immediately fell in love with it. 🙂

I asked the salesman if they had another color for that design, apparently, that’s the last pair and the only color available. (And its size 7. My size!! What is meant to be :D) I took the chance and bought it right away cos I didn’t want to regret leaving it for another pair of plain flats.

Thank goodness too, I still had a Php 500 Sodexo gift certificate lying inside my purse, waiting to be used. I got that for winning a special citation during our company’s sports fest, particularly for the cheer dance competition. Hihi :p The gift certificate plus additional Php 99.75 made me take home the yellow spiked shoes 🙂

It was 12.30pm already and I had to run for my life to make it to the office by 1pm. I washed my feet in the restroom, slipped on my new shoes, packed my soaked flats inside a plastic bag and headed to the office. I can’t really remember if I made it on time that day. I guess I was so ecstatic with my new shoes that I totally forgot worrying about my tardiness. Heehee. :p

Brand: Parisian

Price: Php 599.75

Store: SM Department Store, SM Makati


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