Logica goes to La Luz

Call time was 4am on May 5th 2012 for our company outing. Even though we were all still groggy since we had to cut short our good night’s sleep, we forced ourselves to reach the assembly place on time. We waited longer than expected for our departure. Hence, we reached La Luz Resort in Batangas around 9am despite of all the delay.

Upon reaching the place, welcome drinks, a.k.a. iced tea, were served. The iced tea wasn’t enough to freshen us up against the scorching heat that day. While waiting for the program proper to start, some of us tried to relax first in the cottages, some played beach volleyball and others went swimming right there and then.

La Luz Resort’s white sand isn’t as fine as other beaches are. Nonetheless, the water was clear and the shore was indeed clean. There are also benches and dozen cottages you can stay at for relaxation. I’m not sure how much the cottages cost or if there are any charges for that. Since it was only a one day event for us, we didn’t get to check out the room but by the looks of it from where we stayed, they look decent and nice. The toilets were clean and decent as well.

The first event was about filling 1.5Liter Coke bottles with salt water using only clothes and hands of the participants. The catch is, the bottles have small holes which will make filling the bottles up much more of a challenge. I can’t remember if our team, BPO, won this event. Hehe. Sorry πŸ™‚

The next event was Tug-of-War. I can NOT ever deny the fact that all ladies and lady-likes were screaming at awe when our foreigner players started preparing for the event. When the other teams got eliminated, the ladies and lady-likes in their teams were cheering for our team. Haha! No one can ever blame them. These photos below will tell you why. πŸ˜‰

Did we win? HELL YEAH! :p After the hot Tug-of-War event came the Obstacle Relay. It was such a pain for the participants of this event because they had to remove their flops so they can run faster. They had to endure the tremendous heat of the sand but nonetheless, they gave their best and gave the team a good place. πŸ™‚

Last event but definitely NOT the least was The Bikini Beach Body! Our Beach Bodies were Mattias Wiberg and Janka Cederstam. They had a little problem with the talent portion since we’re not sure if they were informed about it. These two foreigners were saved by the bell though when someone handed them a printed out list of pick-up lines. πŸ˜› After the introduction, talent portion and Q&A, Mattias and Janka was announced as the Beach Bodies for this year’s company outing. πŸ™‚

After the Beach Body event, buffet lunch was served. I didn’t like the food that much so I’ll be skipping the description part.

It’s swimming, relaxation, drinking and chill time after lunch. Some went playing beach volleyball and football. Some were serenading the people with songs. A lot were getting their, fine, our skins roasted under the sun and a lot more. Snacks were served as well but again, I didn’t like the food.

The awarding was done around 2-3pm and BPO team was declared as the overall champion for this year’s company outing. We left La Luz around 5 or 6pm.

For more info about La Luz Resort, you may check their official site:Β http://www.laluzresort.com/


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