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I honestly don’t know how I arrived with this alias. Since I’ve had had a lot of blogs in the past with all those corny and emo-ish urls, I wanted to have something “nice” and decent for  a permanent alias. However, “The Scratchy Paper” is, until now, on probationary status.

Anyhow, despite of the left and right identity theft cases that’s been happening lately, I still figured that I should, in some way, give my readers and followers (If I have some. Lucky if I have both Heehee.) a gist of who “The Scratchy Paper” really is.

Here’s a list of random facts about me:


I’m currently in the 20’s streak and not much time is left before I celebrate my silver birthday anniversary. However, that’s not gonna happen anytime this year. Hehe.

(Insert name here), RN

I’m a registered nurse since 2009. I took up Nursing because my mom and my uncle (her brother) said so. I practiced my profession for a month and a week (ata) last year, 2011, as a volunteer nurse at this semi-private hospital which is just a few cartwheels and splits from my house. I was like working in hell when during those days because of the demonized (promise ganun ka-grabe) chief nurse and asst. chief nurse (na mas grabe ang kasamaan ng ugali) na walang ginawa kundi maltratuhin kami. Maltratuhin = sigawan in front of a lot of people, murahin, duruin, humiliate, etc. Ansabe?! Sick but true. First time kong maranasan na duruin ako. Not even my parents point their fingers at me. Psh. That old faggot. Lol.


I was a part of our school’s official dance troupe when I was in college. Dancing is a passion I never had time to pursue after I graduated. Super sayang. I know.


Blogging became an interest when I was in my early college days — freshman days to be specific. Apparently, I started losing my passwords and ended up making a handful of blog accounts every now and then because of my incapability of memorizing my passwords. Lol. If I remember correctly, I have around 5 or 6 blogs, 2 of which are currently alive and functional — my Tumblr and this one. Teehee.


When I was in high school, I could eat tons of food 24/7 without getting fat. It was probably a stupid decision to join the volleyball team during my junior high year, train hard with them and then quit the following year. That was the time my abdominal obesity started. Now that I am working, I still consume 1-2 cups of rice per meal (especially when I’m stressed and depending on the viand as well), without gaining a pound on the other parts of my body. Seems that my beer belly has paired up with my abdominal obesity really well and my non-interest in working out has made my fat tummy a mainstay. So yes, I look like a butete. Lol.


Back in college, a week wouldn’t pass without my friends and I dancing our butts off inside the club’s floor or hitting the bar at 5pm and get drunk by 9pm — just in time for me to go home. Lol. My parents are strict okay. Haha. Pasaway lang ako talaga. 🙂 However, as time passed by and probably due to ageing, I somewhat over grown the noisy crowd, the rough drinking sessions and the walwalan with other drunk folks. At my age, I’d rather sit with my friends at some bar or at home and have a chill drinking sesh with them while we talk about random stuff about our lives. BUT don’t get me wrong, we still walwal occassionally, among ourselves. Lol.


Now that sounds like a very good alias for my upcoming travel blog. *Light bulb!* Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt of going around the world to see and experience everything that I once thought was beyond my reach. Now that I have a stable job, income and new found travel buddies, I’m definitely making this dream come to life. Travelling to new places, whether here or abroad, never fails to amaze me in every aspect. I find myself always in awe of the beauty that is laid before my eyes. From the planning stage all the way to burning cash for the trip and the trip itself, the joy in my heart never ceases. Not any cause of delay or problem along the way could ever take away the excitement I have in my heart in seeing and experiencing new things, new places and new culture. The world is such a beautiful place!


I have no idea why but this has always been the case. I tend to be very loud and care-free (except when stressed — disclaimer yan. lol) most of the time. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh, even at my own expense. But of course, that depends on how someone cracks a joke. Hehe. I am quite optimistic. Yes, quite. (Read the next description to know why. Hehe.) Maybe my jolly personality is innate and could be really uncontrollable at times. But then, like what I always say, “Everybody always needs a good laugh once in a while.” So even if you’re stressed… CHILL and laugh it out loud! Lol.


In spite of my jolly personality, I am extremely hot tempered. And yes… I have crazy mood swings. My friends could attest to that. My overly joyful mood can switch to a sizzling hot angry state in a snap. Why? I honestly don’t know. Again, it must be innate. LOL. But then, I can easily get over it, depends on the crowd or the people I am with that very moment. Or sometimes, I just need to vent it out. But I must tell you, there are times that I react in a hostile way in certain situations. Chos. This is the part when I become pessimistic. Bahahaha.


Laicopene still remains as my most favorite alias/url ever. As much as lycopene makes the heart grows stronger, my heart goes twice as strong when love kicks in. Yun yun eh! Hahaha! I don’t know. When I’m in love, like “in love” and not just a petty “puppy love”, I tend to give my all. A lot of people can attest on how much effort I give in relationships. I’m cheesy and clingy and all that romantic shitty girl. Bwahaha! So high school. Yiiiiiiie!

PRE, TOL, BRO, etc.

As a friend, you would know that you are important to me and that I treasure you as my real friend if I am possessive of you (not to the psycho-ish extent) and if I always reprimand you if you’re doing something wrong. Even in wrong grammar shiz and the way you dress. Also, if I got your back during conflicts or whatsoever, then you must’ve been really nice to me that I find you worth keeping. However, if you don’t notice me doing all those things for you, then maybe I consider you as a, hmmm.. plain friend, or worse, acquaintance. Lol. Or maybe I think that the start of a good friendship between us is still on its way to success. Something like that. Hehe.

And… that’s about it! I can’t think of anything worth sharing anymore. But in the next days, weeks, months or years to come, I’m pretty sure you’ll get to know me more through the things that I post here. 🙂 Hope to know (and hopefully meet) a lot ofbloggeristastoo! 🙂


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