Frosted nails, Milk Tea and Dumplings

Its Sunday and I have only a simple to-do list for today.

1. Go to church

2. Pamper “me” time

3. Buy necessities

4. Slack off at home


My parents woke me up around 8.30am so I could prepare for church. Our usual and THE only Sunday service that our church holds every Sunday is scheduled at 9am. As expected, we were late. Teehee. We left the house 15 mins before 10am. Good thing that Sunday services lasts for two hours or so. When we got there, we made it in time for the sermon. Hehe.


After church, I headed straight to the parlor to get my nails done. I had to wait a little while before someone assisted me. Again, that salon had a package “Pedicure + Magic Foot Spa (With free manicure and massage)” for Php249.99. I opted to take this deal because its exactly what I needed and what I actually wanted. They were trying to offer me some other promos which included this Berry hair spa thing but I wasn’t really in the mood to have someone touch my hair.

This “Magic Foot Spa” uses a different kind of foot spa agent. They’ll ask you to soak your feet on this green beady liquid which actually has the consistency ofgulaman.The green solution would turn very viscuous overtime which would give them the signal to pour some salt-looking powder onto the solution, thus including your feet. The solution would then go back to its liquid state.

Its the usual foot spa actually. And now my feet feel lighter and “cleaner”. Lol. Any, I brought with me my own preferrred nail polish. Blue frosted blah blah from Bobbie. I got this from Watson’s about two weeks ago. Its really nice actually. I like the fact that it is not that frosted and the color is really bright. Kinda gives a “cool” and “fresh” gist.


From the salon, I dropped by SM to buy some stuff. Epilin wax, tissue, etc. My necessities for my daily living. However, on my way to SM, I felt my tummy grumbling and asking for food. After doing a little grocery shopping at Watson’s, I gave in to my cravings. I was craving for some milk tea but there isn’t any Serenitea or Gong Cha or whatsoever in SM Sucat. There is only one milk tea stall that I sighted and I opted to give it a try.

As I was browsing through their menu, I saw that the prices were budget-friendly for a milk tea and other tea products. I read on the description of each drink and decided to order Ceyton milk tea with 100% sweetness.

Trying to play safe, I ordered a medium cup knowing that its the cheapest for Ceyton milk tea. The drink was served with black pearl sinkers. Upon having the first sip, I figured that Php45 wasn’t really budget-friendly after all.

My tummy grumbled and demanded for food even more so I started scouting what food to eat. I was looking for a takuyakistall, since I am trying to learn how to enjoy those Japanese pancake balls but I failed to find one. I strolled along SM food court and the food stalls along the supermarket and landed on my favorite cheap thrill, Paotsin. 😀 I figured I haven’t eaten scallop dumplings and hainanese rice for quite long and my taste buds do miss the dumpling fix. Of course, it wouldn’t be a perfect Paotsin meal if there’s no chili served with it. Heehee. 🙂

I took my Paotsin and milk tea with me and ate at SM food court. While eating, I realized that Tea-rrific and Paotsin is such a weird combination. Nonetheless, the Paotsin fix satisfied my tummy and the weird combination didn’t really matter. As for the milk tea, you get what you pay for. It wasn’t really that bad, but for Serenitea addicts like me, I’d suggest that we go for Nai Cha instead in the absence of Serenitea stalls. Hee. :p


After feeding my hungry hippo tummy, I went straight home since the skies were already gloomy at that time. Now, I’m just on my lappy, trying to blog as much as I can. Also, I’m trying to figure out how this Cisco router works while transferring laptop files to my external HD so I can send my laptop to my personal service center. Chos. My friend is actually good with computers and stuff. Hehe.

So… That’s about it! Its dinner time and I’m hoping I could write at least one more blog tonight. Teehee. 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


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