Tambobong White Beach, Pangasinan

Just a week ago, my work friends and I went out of town for some adventure and relaxation. Wanting to detach from the busy streets of the city and shitload of work in the office, we headed for our own fair share of beach escapade. We left on Friday night around 11:55PM, taking the Alaminos-bound bus of Victory Liner. It was a loooooooong bus ride from Cubao bus terminal all the way to Alaminos bus terminal. Being first timers, we really didn’t have a “smooth” ride going to Tambobong. From Alaminos bus terminal, we rode another bus going to Sta. Cruz and went down at Dasol (I think?).

We were only relying on the directions that our contact from Tambobong is giving us. That explains the difficulty we had in reaching the place. In Dasol, we had to negotiate renting a jeep for ourselves for Php1,200. Even though it was really over-priced, we just took the deal just so we can reach our destination faster. However, the jeepney driver was just rude and tricked us as he allowed other passengers to ride with us and asked them to pay their fares as well.

It was an hour or so drive on the rough roads going to Tambobong. We were all exhausted due to a long day at work on Friday, lack of sleep during the bus ride, scorching heat and the dirt that the rocky rough road’s dust gave us. Yes, it is quite or it is really an adventure rather but then, the world “hassle” can never be removed.

Upon reaching the place, our contact person, Deo, met us. We were supposed to stay at their place but then we decided to transfer at the White Beach Resort, just a short boat ride away.

Clear blue and green waters, fine white sand, average number of people swimming and checked in at the resort. THIS IS PARADISE.

Ate Benilda (or Beninda, I’m not sure) was very warm in accommodating us in the resort. We were supposed to stay in a nipa hut but then every unit was occuppied so ate Benilda was kind enough to give us an airconditioned room good for 8 people for the same price as that of the nipa hut; i.e. Php1,500.

The resort also offers food which they would prepare according to how you prefer it (upon availability). Freshly cooked upon serving and very well cooked indeed. The prices were reasonable as well. We spent around Php550-Php600 per meal, with 2 viands and a lot of rice. Haha.

After lunch, some of us went for a quick nap while Lean and I went swimming and having ourselves roasted under the sun. Around 2 or 3pm, we went island hopping with our first stop: Colibra Island.


It was an estimated 1 hour boat ride from Tambobong White Beach to Colibra Island. It was the farthest among the two target destinations for the island hopping activity. And though the waves were starting to bitch us off, the wait and the travel was so worth it.

Powder-fine white sand, clear and cool waters, breath-taking scenery — just the place I wanted to be at for serenity’s sake. We were all stoked with what was laid before our eyes.

After enjoying the beauty and calmness of Colibra Island, we went back to the boat and headed for our next destination. However, since it was already late in the afternoon, low tide hindered us from setting foot on Crocodile Island. We just then took a short glimpse of it from our boat and went back to Tambobong White Beach to chill, swim and bond with each other.

The night was steamy due to a very high temperature during that time. We just sang the night off with the videoke in the resort which you can rent for Php60/hour. Along with some chips, drinks and chitchats, the night passed by a bit fast for us.

Sunday morning and we were all glued on our beds and was really lazy to get up. But since we were also leaving the beach later that day, we had to pull ourselves up, grab a yummy breakfast and then off we go for the second part of our island hopping. Destination? Crocodile Island.


We wondered why the island was called as such. Maybe there were real crocodiles living in the island. Yep, that’s scary. But I’m glad we didn’t see any crocs there. The rocks of the island looks like a crocodile. Upon reaching the place, it was hella filled with rocks everywhere. But hence the rocky beach, the cave and the view and the way that the rocks were structured was awesome. I was stunned with the beauty of nature. I’m mostly scared of going in caves and stepping on rocky stuff and all that just because I’m scared that some unknown thing might crawl up on me or something. But seeing that the people I am with, my work friends, were adventurous enough and were actually having so much fun, I just had to surrender my unknown fears and let myself enjoy God’s creations.

From the cave, we went up the rocks just to find out that there’s a large flat surface where you can see more of the view and of course, take jump shot pictures! 😀

Our stay in Crocodile Island was limited with the fact that we need to catch a bus going back to Manila so we had to bid the island goodbye, go back to White Beach, swim, eat lunch, wash up and pack our stuff and go home. Our route going back to Manila started with an hour or so boat ride from Tambobong to the pantalan. From there, we rode a commuter bus going to Alaminos bus terminal and waited for a trip going back to Manila. I reached home around 12am of Monday since among the 8 of us, I am the only one living in the south — the farthest of them all. 😐 But all the exhaustion and lack of sleep was worth it. The beach, my special someone and my work friends made my summer as epic as it can be. 🙂

Next stop? COMING SOON! 😀 Happy summer lovin’ everyone! ❤

**Photos (c) Lean Figueroa, Tatz Tating and Arvin Bien


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