Finally! Hair make-over!

If you noticed on my previous posts, I’ve been really REALLY itching to do something “new” to my hair. I’ve considered getting my hair permed but the salon rejected my “overly” damaged hair. After the failed attempt, I finally came up with a decision, “I will have my hair cut short.”

My hair was this long until yesterday around 1pm (I think).

I went to Bench Fix at Festival Mall knowing that they have “best” stylists there. I told the receptionist that it was my first time there and I wanted a stylist who’s an expert in creating looks such as this picture below.

She said okay and assigned me to a senior stylist named Dario. I showed him the picture and it seemed like its just another easy-breezy art project to him. The lady assistant shampooed my hair and then Dar started cutting my beloved “overly” damaged long hair. I was nervous and seemed to have a separation anxiety with my hair but then like what I told Mon, “There’s no turning back!” After the blow-frying (yes, FRYING) and finishing touches, my hair, being naturally “wavy” looked like this.

Dar offered me to undergo hair relaxing but then I figured, I could get a rebond with the same price he’s giving me. I told him I’ll get it next time. Teehee. From Bench Fix, I went to Jollibee to get a Tuna Pie and my favorite Watermelon Sprite Float just because I was stressed or tensed or whatever because of the transformation. After eating, I dropped by Forever Flawless for a derma appointment then off I went to a cheaper salon to get a rebond. After everything that’s been done, I went home last night with this finished product:

This is not the first time I had a short hair but I must say that my hair now is shorter than what I had 4-5 years ago. During that time, Basha or the film One More Chance became a trending topic, especially her hair make-over after she broke up with Popoy. Today, I tried doing a Basha look. 🙂

And my vanity fair with my beanie starts… NOW!

Here’s a more “decent” look on my new do. 🙂

Aint too late for a “new year, new look” fad. Hihi :p


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