Hair make-over.

Okay. So I know I already made a post about what to do with my hair but then I also made an update that trying to get my hair digipermed failed that I ended up getting a hair cut and a kerastase hair treatment. Now, I’m itching again to do something with my hair. As I was browsing different images of hairstyles on Google, I came across a short hairstyle that I totally fell in love with. Question is, would this cut fit me?

So I really need to be 101% sure and gather all the guts I need before I let any stylist cut my hair THIS short. Hehe. Btw, I got this photo and all others from Lovely Hairstyles. This blog is really awesome and has a LOT of good stuff in it. As I browsed on their posts, I saw other pretty hairstyles which CANNOT be done with THIS short hair.

This chic, romantic look, for instance, is very wash and wearable. Another style which I liked is this shoulder length curly hair of Lindsay Lohan below.

This side pony tail look of Lindsay Lohan again is another comfy and wearable on almost all occassions.

You would usually see me at work with these hairstyles below: either a messy updo/bun or messy braids. (Well, messier than these two. Lol).

Lalala. I really can’t decide. Should I go for the first picture or this one below?

What I like about this cut is that its simple and easy to carry. However, the first picture (up there) is really edgy and totally cool. Soooo… which is which?


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