OOTD: March 11, 2011

As promised, I took some pictures of my outfit today so I can show you guys the black bandage skirt I bought yesterday. Its Sunday and my normal routine every Sunday would be to wake up early and go to church for Sunday service. Excited to use my newly bought black bandage skirt, I paired it up with my pink loose tank top, a black bandeau and a pair of black flats. Since the airconditioners inside our church are always at the maximum and most often than not, I always suffer from chills throughout the whole service. So I brought with me my black cardigan just enough to keep me warm.

To give my look a little more variety, I just added random accessories such as pearl earrings (I just can’t live without them), long key necklace, a ring, a belt-like bracelet and a snap watch.

I just pulled my hair into a bun to give emphasis on my tank top. Btw, bear with how my face looked on the photos, I took them after getting roasted under the sun on my way home. Lol. Toodles! πŸ™‚


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