Laid-back Saturday

I’ve had such a long week at work and I really deserve a laid-back, hibernating (if possible) Saturday to kick all the blues away. I went out earlier today, ran some errands and dropped by a shopping center to just destress and do window shopping. Of course, I ended up buying some stuff. I got a new pair of high-waisted [close to a boyfriend] pants (not jeans), a black bandage skirt and a polka dot [somehow] sheer top.

When I got home, I rested for a while and put my hands on my laptop. As promised, I went searching for worth-reading blogs about fashion, arts, places, events, etc. However, I was only focused on one topic today — and that was fashion. I saw this blog, “College Fashion” [thanks to Google] and took the liberty to browse all the contents. (Well maybe some of you or probably a lot of you knows about this blog, bear with me being a first timer. Heehee.) Most of the posts are really good. I liked the part where they talked about men-inspired looks. The writer gave an emphasis on the word “inspired”. She reiterated that wearing men-inspired looks doesn’t really mean wearing all the baggy stuff but what’s important is that you keep the manliness in your outfit whilst not throwing away the femininity of it.

Here’s the link of College Fashion blog:

Another favorite “let’s kill time!” of mine is watching how to vids on Youtube. Hairdos, make-up applications, what to wears, how to make ice crem, etc. So, that’s it for my laid-back Saturday. Have a blast on your Saturday loves! ♥


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