Vanity 101

I’ve been itching to go to a salon and get my hair done for months already and when I finally had all the chance and money in the world, the attempt was blown away, just like that. I went to Tony and Jackey at Festival Mall yesterday to avail their digiperm promo. I was really excited to finally have a new do but then when the stylist, Mr. Taiky, checked on my hair, he said that my hair cannot be neither rebonded nor permed because it is too damaged. All I can do with my hair is to have the Kerastase treatment and a haircut. Having no other choice at all, I agreed to their suggestion. I told Mr. Taiky that I don’t want a short haircut and that I only want a trim — a layered one. When he was cutting my hair, he asked, “You cut your hair long time ago?” I nodded and answered, “Yes.” Then he continued with, “That’s why your hair too heavy.” (Yes he talks like that, he’s Korean. Hihi.) I just smiled as I watch him do his “cool cutting moves”. When he was done, two ladies ironed my hair. I must admit, I really like how Mr. Taiky styled my hair. The layers are just perfect, the way I wanted it. 🙂 Also, my hair is thinner now.

You see, my hair isn’t naturally straight, so I’ll be needing a hair iron to maintain this look. My pink mini hair iron is not that useful anymore so I decided to get a new one and let my pink hair iron rest in peace. Here’s my new hair buddy.

Also, this morning, my mom gave me a new black tube romper. I love rompers so I was really excited to use this one. However, since its Sunday and we’re attending Sunday service, I had to use something for a cover up so it won’t give other people the wrong impression.

I just used a couple of accessories to break the black color and paired everything up with gray sneakers. For all you know, I am of a fashion should equal comfort type of person. I only choose fashion over comfort during special occassions. Hihi 😛

So that’s about my blog update. Back to work. Bye! 🙂


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