1, 2, 3.. Click!

Out of our ever boredom, my bestfriends decided to meet up yesterday for some coffee and good reads. Well, that was the ORIGINAL plan. We did push thru with it though but there were some additions to our IT.

Papa-picture tayo tom, ayusin mo suot mo, something red okay?

I read Nikki’s message when I woke up. What the?!

Wala akong red! Pink nalang 😀

Pweh! Black or gray. Kbye!

I still wore the hot pink v-neck tee I got from Bench Body and brought my gray tank top and black cover up for the “shoot”. Didn’t really think it’ll be that fun! Hahaha! What a way to kill time, right? Here are the photos. 6 of which were printed and the others were just the choices we had. 🙂


Since we bought a cd of our photos, we were able to edit our photos on our own. Here’s my try (yes, I only used one photo, feel ko eh haha!) :


We should do this more often. Lol :p


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