Serenitea ♥

Yesterday, my bestfriends and I went to ATC for a chill. While waiting for them to arrive, I walked around and window shopped. Since my mood was clouding and bad vibes are really crawling down my nerves, I decided to get a drink to cool my hot head and literal high-temperatured body. I saw Serenitea at one corner and decided to try that drink Nikki has told me before. I bought myself a Frosting Black Tea. Excited much to try this treat. 🙂

Eversince Serenitea sprung, I’ve only tried it thrice, two of which I bought only my beloved Pepper Corn. (Damn, that treat’s totally amazing! Considering I both love corn and the spicy taste, Pepper Corn is simply perfect. ♥) I can still remember the first time I tried to get myself a milk tea treat. I ordered Hokkaido milk tea with pearl sinkers. I bet that drink would’ve been tasty and wonderful only IF I was able to tell the barista to put at least a percent of sweetness in it. Yes, I forgot to mention the amount of sweetness so the barista probably thought that I wanted it as plain as it can be. Stupid me. 😐 Hehe. But then this time, I made sure I won’t forget to add some sweetness on my drink. I asked 100% sweetness to be mixed in my order. I was so happy. Not only that this Frosting Black Tea cooled me down but it tasted so perfect. 🙂 The black tea and the vanilla ice cream just blends so well with the level of sweetness. Worth the 105 bucks I gave out. Two thumbs up for this drink! 🙂 I’ll try experimenting next time on the same drink with 75% sweetness instead. 🙂

I saw a lot in their drink list and I’ve seen some that I’d like to try soon. The Cranberry whatever tea and that Yakult drink as well. Plus, I’ll get back to that Hokkaido and this time, I’ll make sure to put 100% sweetness just to undo my stupidness back then. Haha! God I craved for Pepper Corn and milk tea while making this entry. 😐

Anyways, way to go Serenitea! I’m not really a fan of milk tea but you taught me how to enjoy drinking them! See you again soon! 😉


5 thoughts on “Serenitea ♥

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Aww, ic. I guess I’ll pass on that hihi. But I’m thinking of trying Malt milk tea soon. I’m not sure though which among Assam and Royal tea goes best with malt. 😐

    1. Hey there! Thank you for finding time to read my entry! I’ll pay your Facebook site a visit and see this Nilo Pillow for myself. 🙂

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