Rusty Nail

About two weeks ago, while my friends and I were going around SM, a friend headed to Booksale to get some new reads. I got a men’s magazine, their anniversary copy I believe, and paid Php150 for it. While my friend was digging up for cheap finds, I dug in as well, hoping just to find something that would interest me. I went through some Elle and Vogue magazines but didn’t end up getting any of those. Still, my friend continues to dig and dig and dig in for books and I saw her holding like almost 5-8 books already, but she said she’s only gonna pick 3 from those so while waiting, I went back digging in for good finds as well. There were hard bound books costing from 5 to 10 pesos. My, define book “sale”. So anyway, at the same spot where I was digging books at, I found this book entitled Rusty Nail by J.A. Konrath. Hard bound, pretty paper and nice prints. A mint book for only 25 pesos. Not bad. After reading the short synopsis of the book, I paid for it and waited for my friend to finish her hoarding fuss. Then we went on.

It took me quite a while before I read the novel since I paid more attention on the men’s magazine. Hehe. When I finally got in the “reading” mood, I grabbed my newly fished novel and began to read.

It’s been quite a while since I last read and finished a novel, more than a year actually, and I can’t even remember the title of that old novel. All I know is that novel was a thriller as well. A friend forced me to borrow and read it. Lol. But don’t get me wrong, it was a good read. 🙂

Rusty Nail is a thriller novel about a Chicago cop named Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels solving puzzles of crimes and saving the day. Rusty Nail is the 3rd book on the Jack Daniels series. When I started reading this novel, I just couldn’t get off. I’m not a bookworm, really. I’m more of a movie junkie but the books/novels that I’ve read before just happen to interest me that’s why I did finish them. (Hey, I even finished Twilight, can you believe that?! I just had to read the book cos the movie sucks like whatever.) I personally love thriller films especially those with psycho killings and tortures. Yes, I love the gore and the insanity cos they scare the hell out of me. Haha! (Yeah, I like watching horror, suspense, psycho-thriller films and get so scared after. Like literally get scared. Longest scare was a week or two, I believe.) Going back, this book got my attention since, yes, its a psycho-thriller one.

I love how J.A. Konrath wrote. His manner of writing, being so precise with the descriptions of the place, of how the people looked like and how the each scenario went—his words are just so cool I can literally picture the setting in my mind. The natural sarcasm I like the most plus the plot, of course. And with all these being said, I felt as if I’m watching a movie right in front of my eyes while reading every details Konrath wrote.

I wouldn’t tell you about the story, reading the book for yourselves would be waaaaaaay better. This book tickled my imagination and yes, some parts of it scared the hell out of me. Every time I go to bed at night and close my eyes, the paranoia of some loonie watching me, waiting for me to fall asleep then kidnap me and do stuff on me before he kills me just keeps on running through my head. And yet, I never stopped reading.

I finished the book in 3 days or nights rather. It seems like it had some sort of drug on it that makes me crave for it, wanting to get more from the book. Of course, when I finished the novel, I was sad. No, it has a happy ending okay, I was sad because it was the end of my journey with Lt. Jack Daniels. *sigh*

There are 2 more books before Rusty Nail was printed–Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary. As I’ve said earlier, Rusty Nail is the third book and there are 4 more books for the Jack Daniels series published after this. I’m not a fan of buying expensive books that’s why this Sunday, I’m planning to go back to Booksale and try to look for J.A Konrath’s other books. I checked on his official website as well and found more interesting thriller and crime-related books and novels and series that he wrote. I think I just gained a new hobby, thanks to Booksale. 🙂


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