Two thumbs up!

On my previous entry I was able to mention when my girlfriends and I paid Newport City a visit. Now I’m gon’ tell you a little elaborated version of how our visit went.

So last Sunday (August 14, 2011), four of us went to Newport City for the first time. We went around and saw the place for ourselves. Bunch of fine dining restaurants and steakhouses with [for sure] succulent delicacies can be found in Newport mall. To complete a “mall” a good pick of some signatured brands and high-end stores are also found there. There are a few local brands in the mall as well, which [I believe] gave the mall a “hey-everyone’s-welcome-here” aura. The cinemas are located at the topmost floor where some more restaurants can be found. My favorite cheap-but-hell-yeah-good-coffee had a store there as well–yes I’m talking about Kopi Roti. Hihi 🙂 Plus 711 is opening a branch there soon.

Of course, we can’t just go there without noticing [and even setting foot] on Resorts World casino. 3 of us were able to but Apple, being the youngest and underaged, waited outside while we get our membership IDs processed. 2 of us somehow wanted to play but knowing that someone would be left out [and is actually literally waiting outside] is just plainly not fair. So after taking hold of our membership cards [btw, thanks to that guy, Ramon, who processed our cards, I looked like shit on my ID photo. Guh.] we went on and continued walking around.

Ate Jops wanted to hang out where she could get fresh air while we sit and do some chitchats. We found a gazeebo in the middle of Newport Mall and Star Cruises but we didn’t find benches for us to sit. We tried going in Star Cruises, wondering what we can find inside, but we got a hunch that it might be just a boring site inside and instead we flirted with the all-white with blue eyes Siberian Husky pup we saw.

From Star Cruises, we went to Maxims then Marriott. Just looked around and saw the place for ourselves. Pretty sight. Good stores still. When we finally realized that we’re actually done with our little tour already, we decided to have coffee at Cafe Republiq. 2 Cafe Mochas (1 hot, 1 cold) and 2 Cafe Lattes (1 hot, 1 cold). We chitchatted, took pictures and waited til we can have our dinner. Must say, time flied soooooo slow that day. O.o

Around 5 or 5:30 in the afternoon we went to Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak to grab some dinner. Since I ordered the same damn thing whenever I go to that place, I tried my luck on ordering a Tonkatsu [crossing my fingers while ordering, hope I made the right choice]. When my food came and when I took a bite, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! This is GOOOOOOD. Not just good, AWE-effin-SOME. Perfect. 😀 (Overacting? Noooot. Haha!)

After dinner, the crocs in my tummy were satisfied with their fair share of pork and gave everyone this (below) :

After dinner, we walked around and decided to chill somewhere first before heading home. So that’s how our Newport City/RWM visit went. 🙂 Toodles!

P.S. Have I told you that I like taking pictures in the powder room?

Yes I do. Hihi ^^


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