23 and proud!

Every year, each person turns a year older and given more opportunities to live, to learn, to share, to grow up, to be thankful, to count blessings and to make more memories. Guess what? I just got my fair share of aging.

Last August 11, I celebrated my 23rd year of existence. However, the supposedly one day birthday bash turned into a simple yet fun and memorable week-long celebration.

Day 1 (August 7)

  • Since its a Sunday, we went to church and had lunch there. After which, my girlfriends (ate Jops and Apple) and I went to the mall to just chill, catch up, window shop and buy some stuff.

Day 2 (August 8 )

  • After the usual Monday prayer meeting, my parents, mommy Ly, Miko and I grabbed late heavy dinner at McDonalds.

Day 3 (August 9)

  • Mom and I had late lunch at Amber then went bank hopping. After all the errands, we went straight to SM, bought snacks at the grocery and decided to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Day 4 (August 10)

  • Drew and I visited Nikki. Three of us movie marathoned while drinking some booze (Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher, Death at the Funeral). While we were finishing on our late snacks, they got a glimpse of reality and remembered that [today] is my birthday’s eve so we decided to hit Army Navy (thanks again to Bullet for the cheese quesadillas and the new 20 peso bank note. Haha!), ate cheese quesadillas then went drinking at Tides. I was expecting for a steady night drinking, probably 1-2 cocktails would do. Thanks to my bestfriends who loves me that much, my expectations were epic fail. They ordered this “Birthday Shot” for me. You’ll see the picture of how this birthday shot looks like and the whole story on how they tried to secretly order this shot for me here. After the barf visit at the toilet and finishing all the remaining shots, we left Tides, dropped by at Jani’s for a quick coffee (just me) and chitchats. Then off we go.

Day 5 (August 11)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And its raining. 😐 (It could mean blessing is pouring out on me. Weehow! But yeah, God knew I loved the sun so He stopped flowering His plants til we reached home <3) Went out with my best bud. Over fed (as usual) on some fast food treats, went around, saw an old friend (Erika), looked for the bag I wanted but didn’t find one 😦 Looked for pretty pair of shoes and yes I found one! But still gotta save up for it hehe. 🙂 Then I got myself a new wordhunt booklet (yay! such a sucker for this) and then we just did a lot of catching ups like what we always do. 🙂

Day 6  (August 12)

  • Had a simple dinner at home then late dinner at Sinangag Express with my cousin.

Day 7 (August 13)

  • Home buddy. DVD Marathon. Period. (Just included this day so I wouldn’t have to skip. Hehe.)

DAY 8 (August 14)

  • Its another Sun-church-day. After the usual church routine, Apple, ate Jops and I went to SM Sucat to meet up with ate Sheila. From there, we went to Newport City, walked around and tried to see what the place has to offer. Dropped by Maxims, Marriott, Resorts World and Newport Mall. Availed the membership at RWM, had coffee at Cafe Republiq then dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak. After dinner, we went to Bluewave for some drinks and live band.

So there you go. I know, its really simple and maybe to some of you it sounds like a usual “everyday routine”, but for me, it did mean a lot. Aside from the fact that I was able to spend my week-long celebration with the people I love, I also got over a hundred birthday greetings and wishes from friends, relatives, former schoolmates and former colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and my phone. This year is waaaaay happier than that of my birthday last year when I was just by myself on a foreign land. 😐

Thank God for adding another year in my life. 🙂 23 and proud! Cheers! 🙂


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