UCA @ 15: A Vision of Hope

United Christian Academy celebrated its 15th founding anniversary yesterday, August 5th of our Lord’s year. For 15 years now, the school has been faithful in giving their students the quality education that they pledged to do so. In addition to this, their quest of bringing their students and their families in serving the Lord and having them see and experience the true beauty of living a life in the Lord has flourished year after year.

As part of the school’s commitment, they continuously accept applications for scholarship in all levels. The said scholarship program did not only help students continue their education in a private school but it also became a motivation for them to achieve higher than they thought they can. Some of the students produced by UCA’s scholarship program were able to avail scholarships in their respective universities and colleges as well.

The 15th founding anniversary of UCA was held at Dragon Gate Restaurant on the said date where the students, parents, alumni, management, several political icons and guests gathered to celebrate 15 fruitful years of the academy. Few known politicians such as Rep. Roilo Golez, Cong. Edwin Olivarez and his brother Coun. Eric Olivarez showed their support for the academy. Atty. Joe Villanueva, the guest speaker, gave an eye-opening message on the said event by expounding on his famous line, “Even lawyers can go to heaven if they repent”.

The night was filled with meaningful AVPs, song and dance numbers from the students and some alumni students of UCA. 15 electric keyboards were also given during the raffle draw. A scrumptious chinese cuisine dinner was served and eventually placed everyone on food coma. Teehee. 😉

As a souvenir for the said event, everyone who availed the ticket was entitled for a copy of UCA’s Vision of Hope magazine. The said magazine contains different highlights of UCA such as school events, medical-dental missions, scholarship program and retreat programs. In addition to the said contents, numerous advertisements of different companies, businesses and products are also included. This magazine will reach the students, their families and other guests.

Congratulations to United Christian Academy and more fruitful years to come!


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