How far does “ART” go?

As I was browsing, liking and reblogging stuff on Tumblr, I came across one of pinoytumblr’s entries on the featured section. It was the photo of Mideo Cuz, a 37-year old artist and his so-called blasphemous arts.


I remember seeing him on TV Patrol during one of CCP’s exhibits. He was extremely criticized by people, especially those of the Catholic church, because of his works on the said exhibit.

When I saw the pictures of his works: Christ’s face with eyes out and black tears; a Christ the King statue with bright red nose, red Mickey Mouse ears made out of Coca-cola can and wears a white Mickey Mouse glove on one of his hands; a cross with a penis thrusting out from the vertical bar; condoms placed near the images of Christ; a collage of Christ’s images together with other political icons; and so on and so forth, I was stuck there for a minute or two. I mean, “Seriously?

It was an old issue already but not too old, though. However, throwing an opinion with regards to this issue would still be acceptable, [I believe].

As a Born Again Christian, we don’t really use statues or relics or images of Christ both in church or at home, only a nice cross at the altar of our church would do but that doesn’t mean that we can just throw down images or play around with it. For me, even if we have different beliefs and faith, it still doesn’t give us a license to do something to disrespect other people’s beliefs. If we want to do something that suffices our beliefs and traditions but would somehow be offensive to others, then might as well just do it in secret or just don’t do it all.

I just think that the democracy in our country has gone out of its limits. Or maybe some people are simply too enthusiastic with what they believe is right or with what they want other people to know or see that they wouldn’t mind stepping on other people’s beliefs and principles just to let theirs be out in the open.

I have always believed that our privileges have limits and we were given minds for us to use and to know those limits. Its all about respect and equality.


Censor This


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