I’ve seen this movie years ago and was able to see it again last month, during my internet abstinence days, and as promised, I’ll write something about it.

Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale), was an avid fan of the word “serendipity”. She believes in fate more than anything else in this world and for her, things happen if they are meant to happen. She then meets a guy, Jonathan Trager (John Cusack), during a christmas shopping spree because of a pair of black gloves. From the shopping center, they had ice cream at Serendipity and went on separate ways after. Few minutes later, both of them realized they left something at the ice cream bar and found each other once again.

Fate may have brought them back together to that same place and for them not to waste the opportunity, they went ice skating at the park. That night, Jonathan told Sara the story behind the Cassiopeia constellation. They also figured out that Sara’s arm freckles are just like it. From their moments in Central Park, Sara thought of another way on how to know if they’re really meant to be friends. The book with Sara’s name and number and the $5 bill with Jonathan’s name and contact number became their means of finding their way back to each other. If Jonathan finds the book and Sara gets the $5 bill by chance, then they’ll eventually find each other.

But a book and a $5 bill is quite absurd so they went in a hotel, rode in 2 different elevators taking a single glove from the pair they purchased and if they land on the same floor together, then its really fate that’s drawing them to each other. However, odds do happen and even if they both selected the 23rd floor, Jonathan got out of the elevator later than expected. They thought they lost each other forever.

Almost seven years later, both of them were engaged to their respective partners on the same day. As their wedding dates approach, they started getting cold feet, started doubting and both goes back to New York in an attempt to find each other again.

Jonathan took his risk of finding Sara again with his best friend, Dean Kansky (Jeremy Piven). Sara, on the other hand, goes to New York with her best friend Eve (Molly Shannon) and checks in at Waldorf Astoria. In that same hotel, Eve bumps into an old friend, Halley (Bridget Moynahan), who invited both Eve and Sara to attend her upcoming wedding. The girls had no idea that Halley’s groom was Jonathan. When Sara finally came to her senses upon realizing that her search for Jonathan was a failure,the two girls gets a cup of coffee at Serendipity where Eve was handed the $5 bill with Jonathan’s name and number written on it but none of them realizes this.

A day before the big day, after the last wedding rehearsals, Halley gave Jonathan her wedding present. It was a copy of the novel Love in the time of Cholera, the very copy in which Sara’s name and number were written. That night, he knew he just had to do something. He took his last shot in search for Sara but he went back home with a broken heart thinking that the couple he saw inside the house was Sara and her boyfriend but it was actually Sara’s sister and her boyfriend.

On the day of the wedding, Sara decides not to attend the wedding and just fly back home. When she was about to get her things at Waldorf, she finds her fiance, Lars (John Corbett), sitting outside of her room. She called off their wedding and Lars flew back home earlier. When Sara was already in the plane, she notices that she got Eve’s wallet thinking that it was hers. The flight attendant offers her a headset and she pays the attendant a $5 bill. Upon realizing that it was the $5 bill that she’s been dying to find, she takes it back, gets off the plane and started looking for Jonathan. She rushed to Waldorf upon knowing that it was Jonathan who’s getting married that day, but all she finds is a man cleaning the wedding area and was told that the wedding was called off.

The story then ends, when both of them finds each other at the middle of the skating rink of the Central Park. The movie concluded when they celebrated their anniversary with a champagne at the very same spot where they first met.

I know I just gave you the plot, I’m not really in the mood to share my own thoughts about the movie so… yeah. Hehe 🙂 It was a cute movie though. Really. 🙂


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