What Dreams May Come

This movie was released few years back, I think, but it is one of those films that were based on love, life and faith. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it is a story of two lovers who fought for their love even in the afterlife. Every love story, whether fictional or in reality, has to start with something worth remembering, theirs started with their boats bumping at each other.

Their love was blessed with two kids, a 13-year old boy and a sweet young lady. They were a typical happy family before the accident happened — their children died in a car crash. It was a very tragic moment for both of them especially for Annie. Losing all your children is more than just a heartbreak for a mom, its more like losing your life twice and having to carry the pain every single day is much more torture to her. However, 4 years later when she was just on the process of coping with the death of her children, Annie lost her husband too. Chris wasn’t suppose to be in that car accident. He was able to hit the brakes just before crashing to the car in front of him but him being a doctor, he stepped out of his car and checked on those who were involved in the accident. Just as he was at the site, trying to save others’ lives, an explosion happens which cost him his life.

Chris’ death was yet another tragic moment in Annie’s life. This time, waking up every morning for her has become more unreasonable. All the pain, the loss and loneliness is eating her up slowly. When Annie lost her kids, she tried to take her own life but Chris was there to help and support her and to give her all the love she needs in the world. But now that Chris is also gone, how would Annie ever have a reason to live?

When Chris died, he didn’t believe that he was already a supernatural being walking inside his house until he saw his grave. He went directly to heaven, like all good people did. He had a guide, a missionary, who brought him around the place. In the movie, each one’s place in heaven looks exactly how you want it to be. Your deepest dreams and your heart’s desires become reality up there. Chris saw his daughter, all grown-up in a flight attendant’s uniform. Her daughter has always dreamt of being an Asian flight attendant because her dad once said that Asian women are intelligent and very nice. Chris was filled with joy upon knowing that the lady he has been walking with the whole day, was actually his one and only beloved daughter.

Annie has reached her weakest and took her own life. She has lost all her reasons for living and just wanted to end the pain by killing herself. Suicides go somewhere else and that is definitely not heaven. In the film, suicide cases are not aware that they are already dead and they will forever remain in suffering and guilt and emotional pain. Upon knowing all these, Chris couldn’t just let his Annie live that way for all eternity. He knew he has to do something; he needs to save her.

In reality, once you’re dead, you can only stay to where your soul was sent. If you were sent up there, you stay in heaven for all eternity, otherwise, you rot in hell. But in this movie, they wanted to show the power of love and faith by making Chris go down to hell and search for his Annie. On their journey to hell, Chris discovered that the missionary who’s been with him for quite a while now, was actually his son, who chose to be Albert, since Chris listens to Albert alone when both of them were still alive. The rule was, he can go down to hell, search for Annie and that’s it. There’s no chance that he can make Annie recognize him as her husband and more so there is no chance that he can save her and bring her up to heaven. But Chris’ love for Annie was so strong. The moment he found her, he tried convincing her that he is Chris. He failed, yes, but that didn’t stop there. He asked his guide, the professor, to go back to heaven and leave him with Annie there. He wanted to spend eternity with Annie, and so he’s gonna make it happen. Since Chris doesn’t belong down there, he started getting weak and just as he was freezing to death, Annie was awaken to the truth, that Chris is her dead husband. Their love saved both of them from eternal damnation and they were safely brought back to heaven. Up there, they shared the beautiful and serene place they’ve been dreaming ever since.

The story, however, ends in reincarnation. Chris and Annie decided to go back to earth and be reborn and once again find their way to each other’s arms. New life, new beginning, but the same strong and genuine love that they’ve always had for each other.


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