RH Bill: Pro or Anti?

**Whatever is written here in my blog is my own opinion. If there’ll be a chance that I’ll be offending anyone with this entry, please do accept my apology. But again, this is my own opinion. :)**

One of the biggest controversies in the Republic of the Philippines right now is the approval or the decline of the Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill. This bill aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reproductive_Health_bill#Key_definitions

I personally haven’t read the whole thing about the RH Bill but from what I understand, its concentration lies on the promotion of maternal and child health and by also promoting the use of contraception to promote safe and responsible sex. If you will try to analyze things, the bill is actually a good bill. We all know that our generation lives a very sedentary lifestyle which causes different illnesses and diseases to arise. This sedentary lifestyle includes eating foods with trans fat and rich in bad cholesterol, working all day and night, sleeping late, partying all night, drinking booze, smoking cigs, engaging in drug abuse and sex, which leaves us insufficient time for rest and body recharge. Its also pretty obvious that our generation treats sex as a normal vice and not something to think twice before doing. Its like a usual thing for most of us, whether a teenager or an adult, that we can abuse and do with whoever we want. With that being said, we increase the risk of acquiring different Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections (STDs/STIs) and cancers. Both rise in population and abortion is also at a high risk due to teenage pregnancy.

The use of birth control methods plainly promotes LIFE and not otherwise. It promotes reproductive health by preventing the chances of acquiring STDs, AIDS, HIV and developing Cervical cancer. Contraceptives were not made to harm or destroy life but rather to preserve it. Using any of these methods do not impose death on anyone. Why? The contact of the sperm and egg cells is the very key to the creation of life. Once these two meet, fertilization occurs, then the formation of the embryo and the fetus follows. So, if you get the logic, without the sperm and egg cell meeting, no fertilization will occur, thus, no embryo, no life. Do you get the idea?

But… not everyone understands this simple process which God has designed for mankind. The church is making its way to the government by putting up their argument against the RH Bill. They say that the RH Bill violates the law of the church. But if you will review things, the bill is NEVER about religion. They also claim that the use of contraceptives is a form of abortion. Again, its not abortion if there’s nothing to kill, right? I believe its a simple logic to think about and yet they’re making a big fuss about it.

The Catholic church, however, is correlating religion with the bill. They’re using the name of God, the laws of the Lord and the principles of the Bible to take the bill down. But hey! It was never written in the Bible that the use of contraceptives are forbidden. Yes, the Lord said, “Go and multiply” but do you think God gave us brains for nothing? Do you think God wants us to multiply until we crowd the world and just watch our children die because of hunger? Because we don’t have a job, because we’re lazy to work, because we’re still young to have a family? Is that so? Did God intend mankind to pro-create then eventually watch people die side by side? Hmmm… I don’t think so. They may say that the bill is about religion, but its NEVER about God. That’s the difference of religion and relationship with God.

The ads of the anti RH bill group says “We are PRO Life! No to RH Bill!” but, wasn’t the RH Bill built on the PRO LIFE principle? Hmmmm.

My personal take on this are:

1. The gov’t officials on both sides should understand the principles of the RH Bill before deciding. And when I say understand, its not just READ, its analyzing and taking time to ponder on things.

2. They should concentrate more on the topmost problems of the country rather than acting like dumbs on a simple contraceptive issue which they personally intend to NOT understand.

3. The church and the government are TWO different sectors and they should NEVER get in each other’s ways.

4. The officials should decide out of genuineness and not because there are under the table treats for them.

5. STFU Pacquiao.

P.S. …and yes, I am PRO RH Bill. 🙂


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