I walked through the Black Sea.

May 8, 2011 would be a very very VERY unforgettable day for me. Yes, it was Mother’s day yesterday but no, it wasn’t unforgettable because of that. It became unforgettable, however, since a once in a lifetime experience happened to me.

After church, my friend, ate Jops and I decided to go and have a cup of coffee at Kopi Roti. The moment we reached the place, it was already raining. So we ordered, sat down, chilled out (literally) and chit chatted like what we always do. According to our plan, we intend to go home by 5pm but around that time, it was still raining heavily and there’s no way for us to get out. So we waited til the rain subsides. And it did! *hallelujah!* Just before the sky ran out of water to pour on earth, ate Jops went to the ladies room and when she came back, she told me that the cars parked at the left side of Robinson’s (if you’re facing Robinson’s) are half-soaked in flood. Before leaving, we took some shots of the soaked cars, went to the ladies room then headed home.

Now here comes the exciting part…

From BF Homes, all vehicles were on full stop. All engines were turned off, drivers were standing and walking around while others drank coffee while waiting and people from everywhere were on their foot, walking toward their destinations. Ate Jops and I decided to go with the flow and walked with the people as well. Upon reaching Fourth Estate, we discovered the reason why the vehicles were stranded. That 4-5 meter part of Sucat Road located just in front of Fourth Estate turned into a catch basin and collected water with height around my waist level. (I stand 5’3” so just imagine.) It started to drizzle again so we rode a jeep and waited for about 10-20 minutes then the jeep successfully drove thru the water. *hurrah!*

But wait. THERE’S MORE!!

Upon reaching Patts, which is just a few meters away from Gatchalian (my place), the vehicles went on full stop again. Engines were turned off once again and all people were like, “Baha nanaman ata!” And yes it was confirmed, there was flood again. We waited for almost 30 minutes, sitting inside the jeep, hoping that the water subsides. But then, we were just so impulsive and all we wanted to do was to go home, take a shower and rest. So yes, we decided to walk through the flood. Just a few steps from where the vehicles stopped, the water level was just the same where my knees are. Then pushing forward, the water went up to my thighs, then my hips and the deepest level was the same as where my navel is. And take note, it wasn’t just the flood that we had to endure, it was also drizzling and at the same time the wind was blowing hard so just imagine us chilling at that time. I had an instant summer getaway though!

Imagine how many “Oh my gods”, “ewww”, “fudge!”, “shocks!” and “OMGs” I gave off throughout our journey. It felt like I was walking through the Red Sea(in this case, BLACK SEA). My goodness. That was the first time I tried walking in real flood. (The highest level of flood I walked through before was ankle level.) Upon reaching the end part of the flood, where the river that overflew is, people started shouting, “May sawa! May sawa!”, “Ang laki ng sawa!”, “Baka andyan na sa tubig!”. Right there I stopped and began to panic. I didn’t see the snake but the mere fact that people are giving out left and right statements about it was more than enough to give me a fright. More than anything else, I’ve had the greatest fear for snakes and hearing news about it is enough to make me shake. Ate Jops walked me through the crowd while other people were trying to scare me. (Sa inyong lahat na nanakot, kainin sana kayo ng ahas! Pweh! HAHAHA!!) Finally, we were able to make it. *THANK YOU LORD!!* We parted ways at Evacom, ate Jops took the footbridge going to Villanueva while I walked going to Gatchalian.

As usual, there was knee-high flood by the guard house area in Gatchalian and trikes wouldn’t dare go through it or their engines would die out. I took the risk of riding the “sidecar” along with other ladies then went down where the trikes inside the village were waiting. I was able to reach home around 9:30pm or 10pm. Hehe 🙂


TOUCHDOWN! I rushed inside the bathroom, soaped, scrubbed and shampooed for like 6 to 7 times and soothed myself in warm water. My goodness. That indeed, was a once in a lifetime experience.

It was quite unusual though cos knowing ME, at the beginning of the journey, the usual LAI would have been in a really angry state and would start rambling about everything that’s happening. But last night, I was on a very good mood. Haha! Instead of getting mad and all those shiz, I was laughing and joking around. Its really weird for me but I am thankful though cos I believe God made me experience walking through the black, fresh, dirt-free sea so I’d learn to handle my anger. Hmmm.. Yeah. You can call it an “Anger Management” class. It was really a yucky and an extremely gross experience but hey! I learned something our of it. 🙂 And with that, my heart greatly rejoices. Teehee. 🙂

But now my prayer is for God to remove all the dirt in and out of my body AND that the drainages of Paranaque be fixed. Hehe 😛

**Pardon the pictures, that’s the best my fone can offer and the best I can do with Photoshop. Hehe :)**

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